Eurovision 2023: UPDATED: Confirmed participants in next year’s contest

Since the 2022 Eurovision season has ended, we can say that the road up to the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest is already a tumultuous one. Of course, it all started when war-stricken Ukraine won this year’s contest, and there needed to be an alternative country to host an Ukraine-inspired song contest. By now we know that the honors go to the United Kingdom to host the contest of 2023, but we do not know yet in which city tthe contest will take place. What we do know is that a great many countries have confirmed that they will compete next year in the world’s biggest music festival; below you can find a list of the countries that have confirmed:

  • Ukraine: The Eurovision winner of 2022 is set to compete again in the 2023 contest. Not a lot is known about the next Ukrainian representative or how the participant is going to be chosen. There are a lot of rumors though, one of them that the Ukrainian public can decide their next representative.
  • Belgium: This year singer Jérémie Makiese, the singing soccer player, came in 19th during the Grand Final, but the Flemish part of Belgium has decided to compete in next year’s contest. The Belgian national final, called “Eurosong” will make its return on Flemish television to determine who gets a ticket to Eurovision’s next host destination. The last time Eurosong was held was back in 216.
  • France: During this year’s contest France came in 24th out of 26 during the Grand Final, but this member of the Big Five is not beaten down about it, because next year they will compete again. It is not fully confirmed that the French will use a national final again to determine their next representative, but they just might.
  • Norway: The two yellow alien wolfs of Subwoolfer came in 10th this year in the Grand Final, but do not worry, next year the Norwegians will be back, and God knows what they might come up with next. To decide next year’s participant Norway will use their format Melodi Grand Prix again; the Norwegians will use this format for the 61st time.
  • Germany: This Big Five country will return in 2023, although they finished second last this year with singer Malik Harris’ “Rockstars”. The format they are going to use to choose their next German representative is unclear at this point.
  • Sweden: The swedes did well this year when Cornelia Jakobs asked us to hold her closer; she finished 4th in the Grand Final. Next year the Swedes will compete again, because why not? They know how to write great bops and bangers to compete in Eurovision. They will choose their next representative with their successful Melodifestivalen format.
  • Finland: In the contest of 2022 Finland’s pride The Rasmus ended in 21st place out of 26 in the Grand Final, but the Finnish want to do better, and that is why they will return in 2023. They will use their popular UMK format again to find their next representative.
  • Italy: Mahmood & Blanco gave us all goosebumps, also known in Italian as “Brividi”, this year, which earned them a 6th place in the Grand Final. In 2023 Italy will compete again. The winner of the world-famous Italian San Remo Festival will also be the representative again of this Big Five country in the Eurovision Song Contest of 2023.
  • Spain: After this year’s 3rd place, when we were all asked by Chanel to watch her in SloMo, mo, mo, mo, this Big Five country goes for first place next year when it will compete again. Just like this year Benidorm Fest will determine the next Spanish representative.
  • United Kingdom: Sam Ryder came in 2nd in the contest of this year in Turin, Italy. All of us hoped for non-hostile aliens when British Sam sang “Space Man” on the grand Eurovision stage, and next year the Brits will try to go for gold again. And who knows, maybe the 2023 “Ukrainian” contest will be somewhere in the UK
  •  Israel: The result of Israel this year was probably not what they expected, because they ended 13th in the Second Semi-final, resulting in this country not competing in the Grand Final. Israel has brushed itself of and will try again next year. The next Israeli representative will be chosen internally by IPBC, the national broadcaster of Israel.
  • Cyprus: In the contest of 2022 Cyprus ended 12th in the Second Semi-Final, so they did not compete in the Grand Final. Next year Cyprus will decide its participant with the televised format “All Together Now”, a show during which music artists have to convince a jury panel of a 100 (semi-)professionals in each round to progress to the final of the show.
  • The Netherlands: After an almost top 10 result in the contest of 2022, when singer S10 sang the first Dutch-language entry in 11 years, the Netherlands has decided to compete again in 2023, and to do better than 11th position in the Grand Final. Dutch national broadcaster AVROTROS will decide internally on the next representative again. On May 16th, just 2 days after the Grand Final of 2022, the Dutch opened their new song submission window for the 2023 contest.
  • San Marino: Although their 2022 representative, Achille Lauro, failed to reach the Grand Final, the mini state of San Marino will compete again in 2023. The televised format “Una voce per San Marino” will determine their 2023 representative.
  • Austria: DJ Lum!x feat. Pia Maria, and their song “Halo”, did not make it into the Grand Final of this year’s song contest, but they will try again in 2023. This year Austria did not advance to the Grand Final for the third consecutive year. How Austria is going to determine its representative has yet to be seen.
  • Australia: Furthest away from the European continent, but near winning the contest a couple of times since they started competing in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2015. Next year Australia will compete again. After the 2023 contest Australia has to be invited again by the EBU to participate.
  • North Macedonia: in 2022 we tested Andrea’s limits when she sang the song “Circles”, but she failed to reach the Grand Final, coming in 11th in the Second Semi-Final. Not much is yet known about how this country is going to find its next representative.
  • Albania: Ronela was almost sure of a Grand Final placing this year in Turin, but fate decided differently, and she ended up in 12th place in the First Semi-Final, not reaching the Grand Final. To find its 2023 Albania will ask the winner of the Albanian “Festivali i Kenges” format again to represent Albania in the contest.
  • Latvia: In the contest of 2022 we got a lesson in how to be vegan by the Latvian band Citi Zeni, but they did not make it into the Grand Final; they ended 14th in their respective Semi-final. In 2023 Latvia will return to the stage, and they hope for a better result. They might use their TV formula “Supernova” again to select their representative. Eurovision 2003 was in Latvia, when Marie N won the contest with “I Wanna” in 2002.
  • Estonia: 2001’s Eurovision Song Contest winner Estonia will return to the stage in 2023. In the contest of 2022 Stefan and his song “Hope” came in 13th in the Grand Final. The format to choose Estonia’s 2023 competitor will probably be Eesti Laul again.
  • Lithuania: After Monika Liu’s 14th place in the contest of 2022, Lithuania will return to compete again in 2023. The way they are going to find their representative is yet unknown.
  • Switzerland: Although Switzerland’s Marius Bear did not do well during the Grand Final, he ended up in 17th place, and did not get any points from the public vote, Switzerland will try again next year. Their selection process will be between a professional and public jury, but the process will remain internal.

As soon as there is more news, we will update this article, so stay tuned for more information about next year’s Eurovision participants. In the meantime, for all things Eurovision, check ESCplus International!

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