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Eurovision 2022: Meet artist Federico Ghin, illustrator of fierce Eurovision contestants

Next to the actual Eurovision Song Contest, there are many side-projects every year; some of these projects include “the arts in all their glory” during the time that the song contest is being hosted by a certain country. There are even artists who dedicate their talent to the contest every year by making special art pieces of that year’s competing artists; one of these artists is Federico Ghin, who our ESCplus reporter, Denis, got in-touch with last year when Federico made a great many fantastic drawings of the artists competing in the Eurovision Song Contest of 2021 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This year Federico Ghin decided on making drawings of some significant faces of the 2022 contest in Turin, Italy.

The Eurovision drawings of the 2021 contest by Federico Ghin

Last year artist Federico Ghin drew no less than six portraits of that year’s fierce Eurovision stars, among them are Maneskin’s front man , Damiano David, but also hot favorite to win the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, Malta’s Destiny.

Who is Federico Ghin?

Federico Ghin is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer born in 1992 in Italy.

He achieved his artistic certificate of 5 years in painting and decorative painting in 2012 and then in 2016 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.

The subjects of Federico’s art are the main characters of pop culture, but also icons like Andy Warhol. Federico is fascinated by the music of the ’80s, i.e. pop stars with the likes of: Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, but also the hot and happening stars of today, like: Lady Gaga, Céline Dion and Conchita Wurst, to mention just two.

Federico Ghin - Artist (2)
Source: Federico Ghin Art

Federico has become, and still is a fan, of Austrian singer Conchita Wurst. Conchita won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 with the song “Rise Like a Phoenix”, and is a returning muse in many of Federico’s drawings. In 2015, Federico was contacted by Conchita’s team to collaborate on a well-received merchandise item for Eurovision 2015: The so called “LOVE/RESPECT” scarf, depicting Federico’s hand-drawing of Conchita. The scarf was produced and made available in shops in Vienna, but also to purchase online for all of the bearded lady’s fans world-wide.

What is the main reason why Federico Ghin draws portraits of Eurovision artists?

Curious as we are, we also asked Federico what the main reason is why he draws portraits of Eurovision artists, and he said the following, we quote:

I am a big fan of the event, and I follow the Eurovision Song Contest for the past 10 years; from Loreen’s victory, and through my illustrations, I pay tribute to the artists who are part of this event that unites people and cultures through music, like the arts have always done.

I truly believe in the power of music and creativity.

– Federico Ghin, Artist

Federico’s portfolio

For Federico Ghin’s portfolio, click here.

For Federico’s Facebook page, click here.

The Eurovision drawings of the 2022 contest by Federico Ghin

Also this year Federico Ghin made multiple drawings of the coolest Eurovision artists, among them are Cyprus goddess, Andromache, and Sweden’s rock ballad queen, Cornelia Jakobs.

Federico Gin’s portfolio can be found on, and his Facebook page can be found on


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