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Eurovision 2022: Måneskin and Gigliola Cinquetti will be featured as an interval act during the Grand Final

This week news came out that Italy’s lastest winners Måneskin would not perform or award the Eurovision trophy to the next winner of the contest, because of a tour they are doing in the US. Most recently Måneskin headlined the world-famous music festival Coachella in the US, next to being on tour in this country. Supposedly they would be present in the Grand Final by a pre-made video of a performance, which sparked outrage among the band’s European fans, because why would they disregard Europe, the continent and the contest that made them famous. Turns out this was all fake news, since they will perform live during this year’s Grand Final in Turin, Italy.

The first and latest Italian winners of the contest

This year’s Grand Final will feature the first Italian winner of the contest, Gigliola Cinquetti, who won the contest in 1964 with the song “Non Ho L’Età”, and the most recent winners, the band Måneskin, with their 2021 winning song “Zitti e buoni”.

Source: YouTube channel 1947dave
Source: Official Eurovision YouTube channel (EBU)

Eurovision Song Contest 2022

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 10th (Semi-final 1), 12th (Semi-final 2), and on the 14th (Grand Final) in Turin, Italy.


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