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Eurovision 2022: The stage will not be used as it was intended to be

Italian newspaper “La Stampa” has reported this week that there are severe technical problems with this year’s Eurovision stage, and in this regard, with the most important part of this year’s Eurovision stage design, the kinetic sun.

What is malfunctioning?

The kinetic sun on-stage consists out of multiple arches that hold lighting and LED screens. The motorization of the arches does not work as it was intended to be, which was a discovery of the past couple of days. This means that the arches will not move or have very limited movement. Fixing the problem would take too much time, thus the decision has been made by the organization to limit the extent in which the arches of the kinetic sun on-stage will move.

Source: EuroMemoriesGR, video made by Atelier Francesca Montinaro

What now?

In one of our recent posts, about the first day of rehearsals, we mentioned the kinetic sun on-stage, and how strange it looks now, like a wall with lights on it, which blocks the LED screen behind it. We sure hope that the stage management of this year’s contest comes up with an alternative, since the kinetic sun was an important element of the stage that would differentiate this year’s stage from other years. Imagine being an entrant that had plans to use the kinetic sun as an element of the staging, and now you have to change your whole plan, because of a malfunction. We read somewhere that it happened to the staging of Lithuania’s Monika Liu, and that now she has to change the plans of her staging.

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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 10th (Semi-final 1), 12th (Semi-final 2), and on the 14th (Grand Final) in Turin, Italy.


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  1. Just cancel the whole thing. Obviously someone REALLY screwed up the plans and must be punished for ruining Eurovision.

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