Eurovision 2022: Live-on-tape performances will be released

This year’s live-on-tape performances will be released as of this week. The live-on-tape performances are meant to be used when a country cannot perform live during the actual shows, for example, because of COVID-19 or when another altering matter occurs.

Source:, live-on-tape performance Albania, Ronela Hajati

Release on YouTube channel

Between June 13th and 23rd 2022 the live-on-tape performances of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will be released on the YouTube channel of Some countries have chosen to not release their back-up performances, because they want audiences to remember the live performance of their contestant during this year’s live shows, the Netherlands is one of these countries. Ukraine did not have to apply to the rule to make a back-up performance, because of the war in this country.

Source:, live-on-tape performance Lithuania. Monika Liu

No online show

Last year’s live-on-tape performances were released during an online show, called “Eurovision Song Celebration”, which was hosted by Finnish 2013 Eurovision entrant Krista Siegfrieds. This year the live-on-tape performances are just put on YouTube for fans to see.

Source:, live-on-tape performance Croatia, Mia Dimsic

Obligatory matter

Live-on-tape performances became obligatory after the Eurovision Song Contest of 2021 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. At the time, corona still roamed around in Europe, so there needed to be a back-up plan whenever a delegation could not be present because of COVID or another matter. Both Iceland and Australia competed in 2021 with their live-on-tape performance. Luckily, in 2022 no country needed to use their live-on-tape performance.


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