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Eurovision 2023: The next contest will not be in Spain

The Director of the Spanish broadcaster RTVE, José Manuel Pérez, has stated that Spain has chosen to not be a contender to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, whenever Ukraine, that won the 2022 edition, would not be able to host.

Spain has withdrawn

In the Spanish newspaper Faro de Vigo Pérez stated that Spain has withdrawn from possibly hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. The statement was as follows:

We don’t want to be left with the mirage of a good result, we will try to win next year. We were also interested in organizing the Eurovision 2023 contest, but if Ukraine resigns, the BBC will organize it.

– by José Manuel Pérez, Director of the RTVE

The United Kingdom as the biggest contender

Pérez also stated that, if Ukraine would not be able to host the contest, the biggest contender to host is the United Kingdom, which is somewhat of a wild guess, since the EBU did not give any statement on what the protocol would be whenever Ukraine is not able to host.

Glasgow’s Hydro

The buzz around the British city of Glasgow being the host city of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 are also in full swing. The SSE Hydro is named as the host venue. If these rumours are true we do not know, but if there is any news about this matter, we will let you know.

ESC 2023 - Glasgow Hydro
Source:, The Hydro venue

A Ukrainian committee was formed

Up to now it is known that Ukraine has formed a Eurovision committee to organize the contest, and that if Ukraine is able to host the contest, the host city will be the capital city Kyiv. There have been meetings in Ukraine about this year’s winning country hosting the contest, but if this will be the case is unknown. Next to this year’s winning country, Ukraine, five other countries have offered to either help or organize the Eurovision Song Contest of 2023; these cities are:

  • Sweden
  • Iceland
  • Poland
  • Italy
  • The Netherlands

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