Eurovision 2021: Host Broadcaster still believes in an event with a live audience

The organization has issued a press release

On March 23rd 2021 the organization of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 issued a Dutch press release in which they state that they do still believe in organizing the event with a live audience. In contrast with this statement is the fact that COVID-19 infections are increasing rapidly in the Netherlands these days, which would make organizing the Contest with a live audience impossible.

The Contest will take place for sure

“The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will take place for sure. It will have three TV shows, and perhaps some adjusted events in the host city of Rotterdam”, states a representative of the organization. “Next to this, the organization stays in close contact with the municipality of Rotterdam, and Fieldlab, the Dutch organization that undertakes mass experiments to see how events effect COVID-19 infections”, this representative adds. “Also, the Eurovision Song Contest is a very valuable chance for the Dutch events industry to get a better insight about how to navigate the COVID-19 crisis in upcoming months, and in this regard the Contest is a very important milestone.”

Rotterdam Ahoy. Source: EBU

A conclusive answer in upcoming weeks

The organization of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 hopes to give a conclusive answer in the upcoming weeks about the planning of the Contest, which will take place from May 18 until May 22 2021 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Source:  RTL Nieuws
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