Eurovision 2019: Pornhub study confirms viewer trends

How powerful is Eurovision? A new study done by hints that the annual song competition is so fixating that distinct trends can be seen in the site’s traffic during the hours of the live broadcast.

Traffic levels on the site were down as much as almost 24% during the hours of the Grand Final on May 18th.  Iceland, a country known for being very unified in its viewing activity of the contest was the most notable.

Perhaps, more fascinating than the data revealing that viewers ignored the porn site and watched Eurovision across borders was the post-show activity by country for the top two.

In the Netherlands the drop in traffic during the show was mild, but traffic soared after Duncan’s victory to 15% above normal levels. So, celebrations of all forms were happening in the Netherlands it seems.

For the runner-up in Italy – where traffic also dipped during the show – it basically just returned to normal after the show.

The Pornhub statistics offer us an independent view the scope of the viewing audience by country, since these types of traffic dips normally occur in very large scale live events, like the Super Bowl in the U.S.  It would be hard to believe an event had such far reach into the attention of such a large viewership without it being noticeable on Pornhub.  

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