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Eurovision 2016: Ticket release on Thursday!

The first wave of the Eurovision tickets will go on sale on Thursday 26th November at 10:00 CET! SVT announced it today through a post on their website.

The price of the tickets starts at 100 SEK, which is about 10 EUR. “It is really nice that there are actually tickets that cost 100 SEK which gives the chance to many people to experience Eurovision in the arena. It is also a great chance for those who want to give a special Christmas present.” says Martin Österdahl, executive producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. The Swedish people receive their salary between 24th and 25th of the month and therefore this is a great opportunity for them to buy tickets for the show.

Those who are interested to buy tickets, have the choice of 9 different shows:

Semi-Final 1 The Judges show 9 May 21:00
Semi-Final 1 The Family show May 10 15:00
Semi-Final 1 The Broadcast May 10 21:00

Semi-Final 2 The Judges show May 11 21:00
Semi-Final 2 The Family show May 12 15:00
Semi-Final 2 The Broadcast May 12 21:00

The Jury Final 13 May 21:00
The Family Final 14 May 13:00
The Grand Final 14 May 21:00

The tickets will go on sale by the official ticket provider is The second wave of tickets will go on sale possibly in the beginning of 2016! Stay tuned for more!

Source:  SVT
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