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Eurovision 2015: Vienna Town Hall to be the Eurovillage location

From the 17th May until the 23rd May, Vienna’s Town Hall Square will be full of Eurovision fans as this will be the location of the Eurovision Village. Live performances by the Eurovision artists, special events and more will take place at the Town Hall Square during the ESC period. Eurovision village is the place, apart from the arena that will host the semi-finals and final, for all the fans to meet and have fun.

Vienna’s Town Hall Square is already a popular place for tourists but also a great meeting spot for the Austrians. Thus, it is the perfect place to host an event like that since it is already well-known for its Christmas market and the film festival which attract many visitors every year. So next May, the Town Hall Square of Vienna will be the hotspot for the locals and Eurovision fans but also for the tourists who will happen to visit Vienna at this time of the year.


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