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Eurovision 2014: The Semifinal 1 Prediction

It’s only some hours until the first semifinal and everyone is very excited, all the rehearsals are done, the juries have decided, we only have tonight’s show. Eurovoix and ESC+Plus did during the month of April a kind of voting with professional singers and people related to the Eurovision Song Contest called Eurojury, it had more than 50 artists from more than 30 countries, voting together to know what the professionals think about the 2014 contest.

It’s time for the first semifinal, and this is what they predicted:


Also, Eurovoix and ESC+Plus did a special poll for you, the readers, where a lot of fans voted for their favourite songs. Mixing the results from both polls, (50/50%), this 10 countries are the ones you say that are going to be in the final:


And finally, the editors of both sites’ve done an small poll to say what we think about this semifinal. Editors from ESC+Plus, ESC+Plus España and Eurovoix wrote the 10 countries they think that have more opportunities to get into the final, and mixing the votes, this are the 10 countries selected:


After all the steps before, we are going to mix all the qualifiers, giving 50% to the Eurojury, 40% to the polls from both sites and 10% to the editors view, and here we have, our predicition for the first semifinal:


Do you agree with our prediction? Good luck to all the participants!


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