EUROPanel 2017: Voting next is Martina Majerle from Croatia

Today we bring you the votes of our expert panel member Martina Majerle from Croatia.

Cyprus – 1 point

Bulgaria – 2 points

Belarus – 3 points

Australia – 4 points

Italy – 5 points

United Kingdom – 6 points

Denmark – 7 points

Azerbaijan – 8 points

Ireland – 10 points

Sweden – 12 points

About Martina Majerle:

Martina Majerle (born May 2, 1980 in Opatija, Croatia) is a Croatian singer of Slovene origin. She made her first serious steps into the world of music as the lead singer of the Rijeka band Putokazi.  She continued her musical career as a soloist in the ambient-electro-pop band Atmospheric. Martina also worked for Croatian RTV Orchestra in projects regarding the Croatian national broadcaster like The Voice, Singing with Stars etc.

Martina participated in Eurovision Song Contest eight times. She represented Slovenia in 2009 in Moscow, Russia together with the string quartet Quartissimo performing “Love Symphony”. As a background vocalist, Martina performed for several countries in various editions of the contest. In 2003. For Claudia Beni (CRO), in 2007. for Alenka Gotar (SLO), in 2008. for Stefan Filipović (MNE), in 2011. for Maja Keuc (SLO), in 2012. for Eva Boto (SLO), in 2014. for Sergej Ćetković (MNE) and in 2015. for Nina Kraljić (CRO).

As a lead singer she performed at Split Festival and Chansonfest,Croatia. She also colaborated with Slovene songwriter Dare Kaurič on singles Čokolada In Vanilija and Luna Nad Obalo. She founded her own project „Passione Mediterranea“ performing mediterranean music  such as portuguese fado, french chanson, italian, spanish and croatian music as well as russian gypsy songs.

What’s EUROPanel?

EUROPanel is an ESC+Plus Network feature which brings former Eurovision and national selection participants together to create an annual pan-European scoring of the contest. You can visit the official website of EUROPanel and find out more about this year’s expert panel by clicking here.

NOTE: The results of EUROPanel will be mixed with the ones from our official Eurovision Style Poll in order to generate a final prediction of this year’s edition.


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