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Dutch Trade Union (FNV) will ask for poverty awareness in the city of Rotterdam during Eurovision Song Contest 2020

What will the Dutch Trade Union FNV organize during the
Eurovision Song Contest 2020?

Dutch Trade
Union FNV (trans. “Federation of the Dutch Trade Union”) will have a
protest march and an event during the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in
Rotterdam, to ask for awareness when it comes down to poverty in the city of
Rotterdam, and its surroundings. On May 9th 2020 a large-scale
protest event will take place in the city-center of Rotterdam.

Eurovision 2020 - Ahoy Rotterdam

“The whole idea of a Eurovision Song Contest in our city is all far too elaborate and too decadent. Everybody seems to be occupied with the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam, and all the bling-bling surrounding it, although Rotterdam is one of the poorest cities of the Netherlands, and do not forget about some cities in its vicinity. (Clonazepam) ” – by Marcel Thomassen Rosa of the Dutch Trade Union FNV

Will the protest
for p
overty awareness definitely take place?
Yes, the protest for poverty awareness in Rotterdam, and its surroundings, will
definitely take place, also to show the rest of the Netherlands another side of
its country, because Rotterdam might be the New York of the Netherlands, when
it comes down to its skyline, and its very modern, almost non-Dutch look, but
it is also a frontrunner when it comes down to poverty in the Netherlands, not
to talk about cities who bask in the spotlight of the city of Rotterdam.

will be the trail of the FNV protest march?

The trail
of the protest march of the FNV will be Square 40/45 at the Zadkine statue, and
then onwards to the Schouwburgplein (trans. “Theater Square”). At the finish of the march there
will be speeches, and music, on May 9th 2020.

In case you
are (already) in Rotterdam on the 9th of May 2020, be aware that
there might be traffic jams, or other blockages, during that day.


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