Dutch singer Lakshmi to represent the Netherlands in Turin?

Is Lakshmi going to wave the Dutch flag in Turin?

Dutch Presenter Rick Romijn has told, during the radio show Veronica Inside, that Dutch singer Lakshmi will represent the Netherlands during the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy. The radio show announced that the choice of the Dutch “potential” Dutch representative did not go without a fight. Within the Dutch selection commission there seems to have been a discussion about whether to send popular Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren together with Dutch singer Jaap Reesema to Turin or the song that Lakshmi has presented. Armin and Jaap were last-minute informed that their song was not chosen to represent the Netherlands, and that the commission chose Lakshmi to wave the Dutch flag.

The choice of the Dutch selection commission

Dutch singer Maan, who was one of the winners of The Voice of Holland, was whispered this week to represent the Netherlands, but it became soon known that she did not even sent a song to the selection commission of the Dutch National Broadcaster AVROTROS. Whether Lakshmi is going to represent the Netherlands in Turin is yet to be seen, nothing is official just yet. During the month of December or maybe January AVROTROS will announce who the Dutch hopeful is going to be.

Rejected Jaap Reesema says…

In an update Jaap Reesema gave a reaction to the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, saying:

“Armin van Buuren and I were in a studio to record songs, but not necessarily with the idea to send it to the Dutch selection commission, but all of a sudden we had a song that we found interesting enough to compete, so we send it in anyway. As I understood, over 400 songs were submitted, but we heard a week or two ago that we were not selected. And who it is going tob e they would not say, of course. I heard afterwards through the grapevine that the commission chose Lakshmi. She is also part of camp Ilse Delange, who has a lot of influence when it comes down to the choice of the artist and song to represent the Netherlands during Eurovision. It could might as well be Lakshmi, I do not know.”

The management of Lakshmi says…

The management of Lakshmi said the following to the Dutch entertainment news show Showniews: “We have nothing to say for now. In case Lakshmi is asked by the selection commission to compete, she is open to the idea”.

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