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Dutch designer Diek van Pothoven will style the Eurovision Song Contest 2020

Dutch talent designs the Contest of 2020

Many (young) Dutch talents in all sorts of fields are asked to contribute to the Eurovision Song Contest of 2020. 26-year old Dutch fashion designer Diek van Pothoven of the fashion label Martan is chosen to be the Head of Styling for the Contest which will be held in the city of Rotterdam in May of this year. Diek van Pothoven will be responsible for the styling of the artists and the dancers which are in the special acts of the first and second semi-final, and the grand final.

A team of professionals

Naturally Diek van Pothoven will be helped by a team of fashion professionals to execute this huge task and responsibility, e.g. he will work together with a couple of Dutch fashion ateliers, like Sjaak Hullekes. All looks will be created especially for the Contest of this year; about this enormous task Diek van Pothoven said in an interview:

“It is almost a mission impossible, but I am sure I will manage.”

Source: Vogue NL

Not a designer wildcard

Based on the work experience of Diek van Pothoven, he is not a designer wildcard, because although he is only 26, Diek van Pothoven has really made a name for himself in Dutch-speaking countries, as well as on an international level. Next to his own collections at Martan, he has also been the Creative Director of shows for big names in fashion, such as Iris van Herpen, Swarovski, and Zalando.

Fashion Designer and Eurovision fan

Since a couple of years Diek van Pothoven is, next to a Fashion Designer, also a huge Eurovision fan, so when he was asked to do the styling of the Contest in his home country he was over the moon. After a thorough application procedure, he got the message, just before Christmas, that he was chosen to join the organization of the Contest in Rotterdam. After that phone call he took a very deep dive into all things Eurovision to come up with the best ideas possible. About his plans he said:

“I have watched many documentaries and videos about the Contest, looking for all sorts of references to please the die-hard Eurovision fans, and by doing so I can give a nod to many things that happened in the Eurovision Song Contests of previous years, all-together resulting in a layered story.”

Source:  NPO

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