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A total of 1,347 apply to be featured in the postcards of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020

Rotterdam applies the most

The Dutch Public Broadcaster, NPO, received a grant total of 1,347 Dutch applicants that want to be featured in-between songs during the Eurovision Song Contest of 2020, and out of these the citizens of Rotterdam applied the most; no less than 138 Rotterdam groups, and individuals, applied with ideas. Amsterdam applied 65 times, Utrecht 33, and the city of The Hague 25 times.

After a national call from the NPO

After a national call from the NPO, the National Dutch Broadcaster, suggestions from all over the Netherlands came in. Eventually the count stopped at 1,347, among them were applications from voluntary organizations, choirs, bands, orchestras, student associations, but also sports clubs, and Carnaval associations.

Which Dutch provinces applied the most?

The Dutch province South-Holland had the most applicants, with a total of 414 suggestions, followed by the province of North-Holland with 179 applicants, and in third place the Nord-Brabant province with 164 suggestions wants to be featured in the postcards of Eurovision 2020. Also the province Gelderland sent in ideas, 136 in total.

Source: Kaarten van Nederland

There is time for only 41 postcards

During the Contest there is only time for only 41 postcards, one for each participating country of the 2020 edition. During previous Contests there was a focus on the country that was hosting the event, but about the postcards of 2020 the Dutch Song Contest organization says the following:

“We have chosen specifically to show the best of the Netherlands during this year’s show, with a focus on Dutch hospitality, and the diversity of the Dutch people.”

A choice needs to be made

Now the real work can start, because a choice needs to be made. Representatives from the organization of the Contest will review every application, they will visit applicants, but none of them are really sure whether they are going to be featured in the postcards, there needs to be an element of surprise. In the end, the organization will select which artist is going to be featured where, so the most diverse version of the Netherlands, and the Dutch, can be presented to the rest of the world in May 2020.

Source: KAN, National Israeli Broadcaster

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