Destiny Chukunyere to represent Malta at Junior Eurovision 2015!

The final of MJESC has just taken place live from Valleta! Destiny Chukunyere will be waving the Maltese flag in Bulgaria!

The winner was chosen among 20 hopefuls by a mix of jury and public televote (75-25) during a show held in the Mediterranean Conference Centre:

  1. Nicole Frendo – I’m not the Only One
  2. Raisa Marie Micallef – Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
  3. Sara Micallef – Respect
  4. Nicole Sciberras – I  Will Be
  5. Veronica Rotin – Mama Knows Best
  6. Ilenia Camilleri – One Night Only
  7. Francesca Dimech – Blank Space
  8. Aidan Cassar – Kemm hu Sabim
  9. Christina Magrin – I Surrender
  10. Thea Aquilina – That’s Life
  11. Andy Shaw – The Script Breakeven
  12. Sarah Farrugia – Skinny Love
  13. Kelsey Farrugia – Strange Birds
  14. Destiny Chukunyere – Think
  15. Gabrielle Portelli – I Could Have Danced all Night
  16. Haley Azzopardi – And I’m Telling You
  17. Amy Marie Borg – Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
  18. Rebecca Scicluna Rizzo – Yours
  19. Isaac Mercieca – Mama
  20. Victoria Sciberras – Feeling Good

During the show, the 20 participants performed live covers in front of a jury panel, including Krister Björkman (Sweden – SVT) and Olga Salamakha (Belarus – BTRC), and the Maltese audience allocated as an equivalent fourth member of the Jury. The participants showed their vocal skills having later ranked from 1 to 20 by the jury members and audience.

The top 3 has ended as it follows:

  1. Destiny Chukunyere
  2. Veronica Rotin
  3. Christina Magrin

Destiny is 13 years old upcoming Maltese singer who won the 2014 edition of Sanremo Junior in Italy. She is coached by IVA instructor Ms. Maria Abdila and has taken part in many national an international competitions. Last year, she performed along with Gaia Cauchi, Federica Falzon, Veronica Rotin and Ekkelsia Siters on Xarabank.

The winner of Junior Eurovision 2013 Gaia Cauchi has been in charge of introducing the artists before the performances and she has also sung during the interval act. Last year’s Maltese representative at Junior Eurovision Federica Falzon and Maltese representative at Young Dancers 2015 Anthea Zammit have performed as guests of the show.

It’s important to know that this show was only used to select the singer, the song that Destiny will be performing in Bulgaria will be decided internally by the artist, representatives and music experts. Stay tuned to ESC+Plus as more information about the song will be revealed at a later date!

What do you think about the Maltese choice?



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