Denmark: Fifth jury member for DMGP 2016 revealed

Danish broadcaster DR has just announced Mette Thorning Svendsen as the fifth member of the expert jury for Melodi Grand Prix 2016. Mette is a long-time member of OGAE Denmark and former Eurovision blogger for DR.

Originally, DR has appointed Johann Sørensen, President of OGAE Denmark, as the fan community’s representative in the expert jury. However, only a few hours after revealing the jury members on 9 February, DR disqualified Johann Sørensen as a jury member after he having spoken publicly about some of the entries and their winning chances.

The expert jury of Melodi Grand Prix 2016. From left to right: Vicky Leander, Christina Chanée, Mette Thorning Svendsen, John Gordon and Dennis Johannesson.

The four other jury members for Melodi Grand Prix 2016 are:

  • Vicky Leander (choreographer)
  • Christina Chanée (4th in ESC 2010)
  • John Gordon (winner of ESC 2010 as songwriter of “Satellite”)
  • Dennis Johannesson (radio host on DR P4)

As opposed to last year, when there was only one round of voting in the Danish final, there will be two rounds of voting this year. In the first round, 3 superfinalists will be selected by a mix of televoting and jury voting at a 50/50 split. In the superfinal, televoting alone will decide the winner.


Source:  DR
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One thought on “Denmark: Fifth jury member for DMGP 2016 revealed

  1. Nice 🙂

    We will see WHO will win tomorrow in the Dansk & be the one that will represent Denmark in Stockholm’s Vision! 🙂

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