Cyprus: Watch or listen to ‘S’Agapo’ – an Eleni Foureira Christmas tradition

Eleni Foureira’s holiday single, ‘S’Agapo’ arrives just in time for the holiday season again this year.  The bubbly festive sounds like it could become a Christmas classic after one listen.  Instantly familiar and fueled with Eleni’s signature silky voice this song will get you in the holiday spirit and have you missing the sunshine in Lisbon at once.

Watch the full video of 2018’s ‘S’Agapo’ above or check out the lyric video for this year’s re-release here

Eleni has maintained her Eurovision star status after finishing second in Lisbon by not only releasing new music, but touring Europe including performing a special remix of ‘Fuego’ at the 2018 Spanish Music Awards.

Earlier this month Eleni received awards for ‘Fuego’ reaching gold certification in both Norway and Sweden.  She also scored her third number one single in Greece for ‘Tomame’.

There have been rumors that she could be appearing in Tel Aviv as a special guest.   It may be almost Christmas, but Eleni is still on fuego!

S’Agapo means I love you!   So if you see Eleni in Tel Aviv – make sure you tell her !


Source:  Youtube
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