Cyprus : First Show Results!

The first show of the Cypriot national selection for Eurovision 2015 has taken place tonight and we have the first four qualifiers!

This year, PIK has launched a new selection format consisting of 9 televised rounds, a national final set on February 1st and a total of 60 songs.

The show has been hosted by Antri and all the performances has been evaluated by a professional jury formed by Tasos Tryfonos (actor), Elena Patroklou (1991), Alex Panayi (1995 & 2000) and Despina Olympiou (2013).

Tonight, 9 singers have presented their songs for a minute and only 4 out 9 candidates have reached the next round:

  1. Eva Diva – Come and Fight for Freedom
  2. Nicolas Levendis – Chlomi Selini
  3. Emily Haralambous – Right In
  4. Nicolas Mavromichalis – Ena Kafe Mazi
  5. Hristodoula Tsaggara – Kori tis Mesogeiou
  6. Ifigeneia Loukaedou feat. Lyrical Eye – Remember my Eye
  7. Haralambos “Luna” Iosif – I Wanna Dance (I Say Tempo)
  8. Elena Kousi – Just Another Girl
  9. Maria Evangelou – Still 

The second show of the Cypriot national selection will take place next week, on Sunday 14.

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