Cyprus: First “Eurochallenge” show today!

The first Eurochallenge show of the Cypriot national selection for Eurovision 2015 will be broadcasted today!

A new stage of the Eurovision Song Project kicks off today and it will be formed by two Eurochallenge shows. 20 candidates will compete in front of a jury panel formed by Elena Patroklou (1990), Alex Panayi (1995 and 2000) Despina Olympiou (2013), Tasos Trifonos, Swedish Head of Delegation, Christer Björkman and composer/producer Dimitris Kontopoulos.


  1. Eva Diva – Come and fight for freedom
  2. Emily Charalampous – Right in
  3. Charalampous “Luna” Iosif – I wanna dance (I say tempo)
  4. Maria Evangelou – Still
  5. Christina Tselepou – In these arms
  6. Valence – Scared
  7. Pieros Kezou – Said it all before
  8. Maria Moskofian and Christiana Chatziiordanous – Sailing ships, pirates and dragons
  9. Ioanna Protopapa – Beat of my heart
  10. Eleni Irakleus – Dawn
  11. Doody – Magic
  12. Nearchos Evangelou & Charis Savva – Deila den agapo
  13. Christos Rialas – Meine
  14. Minus One – Shine
  15. Giannis Karagiannis – One thing I should have done
  16. Appolonia – Don’t give up on my (Just yet)
  17. Yuri –  Victorious
  18. Hovig – Stone in a river
  19. Panagiotis Koufogiannis – Without Your Love
  20. Georgiou Kyriakos – Shake That

Only 10 artists will make it to the second Eurochallenge and only 6 will be selected to compete at national final set on February 1st.

You can follow the show today at 21.20 CET by clicking here.



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