Croatia won’t be in Copenhaguen

Croatian Radiotelevision just announced that they have deceide not to participate in Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

Hrvatska radiotelevizija, the Croatian national broadcaster, decided that Croatia will not participate at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest next year in Copenhagen. HRT will decide whether to broadcast the Final or not, depending on the audience request. HRT, as a national broadcaster, needs to plan funds very carefully, and due to the financial crisis as well as public critics regarding the participation costs.

Even though many viewers will be disappointed with the decision, HRT decided to take a year break as the main goal is always to find a great performer with a song that will reach a high position, and due to the series of bad results in the past couple of years.

Many other European countries also decided not to participate at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest due to the global economy crisis. Anyhow, HRT will focus funds to raise the quality of the programmes and fulfilling the function of being the national broadcaster in Croatia.

Croatia has participated at the Eurovision Song Contest 21 times, participating every year since their debut in 1993.  Croatia has been one of the few countries that has not missed a contest since 1993, when the lowest scorers each year got relegated but this time, HRT has deceided not to participate.

The best Croatian result was in 1996 and 1999, two 4th places. They last qualified for the final in 2009 with Igor Cukrov feat. Andrea.


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