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Croatia 2023: The participants of Dora 2023 are known

Each year Croatia has a national final called “Dora”, and to choose the Croatian representative for the 2023 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool (United kingdom) the same format will be used by the Croatians.

Dora 2023

No less than 196 songs were submitted to the committee of Dora 2023, which will be held on February 11th 2023. The selection committee existed out of the following Croatian music connoisseurs: Željko Mesar, Zlatko Turkalj, Robert Urlić, Ema Gross, Igor Geržina, Željen Klašterka, Ivan Horvat, Tomislav Krizmanić, and Dražen Miocić.

The 2023 participants

In Dora 2023 there will be 18 acts competing, which are:

  • Damir Kedžo – Angels and Demons
  • Meri Andraković – Bye Bye Blonde
  • Martha May – Distance
  • Tajana Belina – Dom
  • Đana – Free Fallin’
  • Boris Štok – Grijeh
  • Maja Grigć – I still Live
  • Patricia Gasparini – I Will Wait
  • Krešo i Kisele Kiše – Kme Kme
  • Eni Jurišić – Kreni Dalje
  • The Splitters – Lost and Found
  • Yogi – Love at First Sight
  • Let 3 – Mama Šč!
  • Detour – Master Blaster
  • Hana Mašić – Nesreća
  • Harmonija Disonance – Nevera (Lei, lei)
  • Barbara Munjas – Putem Snova
  • Top of the Pops feat. Mario 5Reković – Putovanje

The name that stands out the most is the one of Damir Kedžo, he would have been the Croatian representative of the 2020 contest in Rotterdam (the Netherlands), but this contest got cancelled because of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Croatia 2023 - Damir Kedzo
Source:, Damir Kedžo

In case there are any withdrawals, which can happen, the organization of Dora 2023 also opted for 4 replacement acts, which are:

  • Lana Mandarić Lanchi – Sama
  • Mirna Škrgati – Odlazi
  • Voice for You – On the Same Train
  • Rosanna Kumerle – Talking to Me

Eurovision 2022

In the contest of 2022 Mia Dimsić narrowly missed out to reach the Grand Final, becoming 11th in Semi-final 1, so Croatia hopes to do better in the contest of 2022.
Source: YouTube channel of the Eurovision Song Contest (EBU), Mia Dimsic – Guilty Pleasure (2022)

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