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Bulgaria: Eurovision 2015 participation turns highly positive!

It seems Bulgaria will most likely be back in 2015. After their second place at Junior Eurovision 2014, their Eurovision participation has turned very positive!

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 was the most watched TV program in Bulgaria on Saturday’s evening – 40% share – 1. 000.000 TV viewers and 1.400.000 online. The participation was sponsored by the Bulgarian broadcaster BTV, Krisia, Ibrahim and Hasan were welcomed as heroes in Sofia and their visit to The Voice was seen by another 400,000.

BNT has informed to ESC+Plus they working very hard on Eurovision 2015. The broadcaster’s heads are really positive, they could find a lot of sponsors to afford the Junior Eurovision participation and they got excellent results: high ratings and a silver medal. That means there are more chances to find sponsors for Eurovision 2015.

Stay Tuned!

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