Bulgaria confirms provisionally participation for Eurovision 2016!

BNT has just confirmed via Twitter they have sent the preliminary paperwork to take part at Eurovision 2016!

The Bulgarian broadcaster, which will be in charge of organizing this year’s Junior Eurovision, withdrew the competition in 2014 and has missed two Eurovisioneditions.

All countries can withdraw Eurovision 2016 without penalty until October 15. Last year, Bosnia & Herzegovina confirmed participation but they later withdrew due to financial reasons. Bulgaria also withdrew after confirming back in 2014.

BNT in cooperation with the private channel bTV organized this year’s Junior Eurovision national selection. They had previously worked together for the 2014 participation, which leaded them to a successful 2nd place in Malta. Will BNT and bTV work together for Eurovision?

Bulgaria was last represented by Elitsa & Stoyan and the song “Samo Shampioni”, but they didn’t manage to get into the Grand Final.



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