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Belgium 2023: Gustaph climbs the Belgian music charts

The Belgian 2023 entrant Gustaph’s Eurovision banger “Because of You” has entered the Belgian music chart, Ultratop 50, at #3.

Belgian Ultratop 50

Gustaph’s single “Because of You” is totally hot ‘n happening in his home country, and it is all because of his national fans; his single came in hot at #3 in its debut week. Gustaph is no stranger to the Belgian charts though, because in the year 2000 he was in it as well with the song “Gonna Lose You”, which debuted at #22 in the Belgian Ultratop 50, back then Gustaph’s artist name was “Steffen”.

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, Gustaph – Because of You (2023)

Which Belgian national acts are also in the charts?

Naturally Gustaph was not the only one presenting his potential Eurovision song to the Belgian audience during the national final, “Eurosong 2023”, but which other Belgian national acts are also in the charts? Of the six other acts that competed in Belgium’s national final Chérine also entered the Belgian charts with her Eurosong entry “Je m’ennuie pas” on #41, and The Starlings (which features Belgian 2010 entrant Tom Dice) came in at #46 of the Ultratop 50.

Source: ESC Adri YouTube channel, Chérine – Je m’ennuie pas (2023)
Source: ESC Adri YouTube channel, The Starlings – Rollercoaster (2023)

Eurosong 2023

This year it was time for the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium to choose an entrant, because Belgium switches every year, one year the Flemish-speaking part can choose an entrant, and the other year the French-speaking part. The winner of the Belgian national final was a huge surprise, but Gustaph took the crown, and will fly the Belgian flag with his song “Because of You” in Liverpool upcoming May.

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