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Austria: Today Austria will reveal its Eurovision entry!

What will the song of Austrian hopefuls DJ Lum!x feat. Pia Maria sound like? We do know that the song is called “Halo”, but now we want to know the DJ beat of the song. Today we will find out!

How and where?

The song of DJ Lum!x and Pia Maria will premiere on Ö3 Hitradio in their morning show “Wecker am Freitag”. There is no specific time indicated, it will be somewhere during this Austrian radio show.

About the artists

This year’s Austrian entry is the duo “DJ Lum!x feat. Pia Maria”. They will perform the song “Halo”.


DJ Lum!x

DJ Lum!x had his big worldwide break in dance music with the song “Monster”, and this is also how he became world-famous, gathering billions of streams on online music services globally. Lum!x started producing music at the age of 11, and grew up professionally to become one of Austria’s most influential music export products.

Pia Maria

Pia Maria is 18 years of age, and comes from the Tyrol region of Austria. She works as a make-up artist at the Tyrolean State Theater in the Austrian city of Innsbruck. Pia has been writing songs since the age of 16, and soon she also started her singing career.

Last year’s contest

During the contest of 2021 in Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Vincent Bueno represented Austria, but unfortunately failed to reach the Grand Final with his song “Amen”. Let’s hope that DJ Lum!x feat. Pia Maria will do better.
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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will take place on the 10th (Semi-final 1), 12th (Semi-final 2), and 14th (Grand Final) of May 2022 in Turin, Italy. Switzerland will compete in the second half of the first Semi-final on the 10th of May 2022.


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