Is Australia entering Eurovision in 2017? Get to know the latest details!

The question we all have been wondering since last May could see a final answer by the upcoming days. According to Italian Eurovision website, Australian broadcaster SBS may have decided to participate at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine last week at the EBU meeting in Berlin, where the first details regarding the 2017 edition were discussed and all the countries interested to take part presented their preliminary applications.

It is yet to know wether we can confirm this or not but it is not strange that the Aussies would be crazy on   taking part once again at Europe’s favorite musical extravaganza which attracted more than 200 million people this year.

Australia’s history in Eurovision does not take us back to 2014 with Jessica Mauboy as they have been enthusiastic followers for more than 30 years to date. Since then, they have breen broadcasting the contest and even giving the Australian viewers a say, although their vote did not count on the final result at Eurovision until 2015. Since the EBU allowed the country to be among the rest of participating countries as a gift for their true passion, the country also saw their opinion making an influence on the final rank.

Although it was not the first time an Australian-born singer stepped into the Eurovision stage (e.g. Olivia Newton John or even 3 times ESC winner for Ireland, Jonny Logan), Jessica Mauboy was the first singer to be behind their flag in the contest and performed ”Sea Of Flags” as the interval act of the second semifinal in Copenhagen two years ago. After testing that this could work, EBU invited SBS to be real part of the competition in Vienna when Guy Sebastian made history achieving the first top 5 for the nation. It would not be the first one, as Dami Im’s Sound Of Silence almost took the victory in Stockholm back in May, who came only 30 points behind Jamala’s 1944.

This year there were also some talks to release the Asia-pacific own version of the contest where the rights have even been given to SBS to plan the entire and present a project by late 2016, so as to be seeing the contest starting next year. This was also discussed at the meeting in Berlin.

What remains almost clear is that EBU is still open-handed to let Australia participate in the contest, so we expect to have an official confirmation in due course.


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