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Australia 2024: It is Electric Fields for Australia!

The word is out, it is Electric Fields that goes to the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö (Sweden) for Australia! They will do so with the song “One Milkali”, which means “One Blood”.

Electric Fields

SBS, the national broadcaster of Australia, has revealed that it is Electric Fields that is going to represent this country in the upcoming contest with the song “One Milkali”. In 2019 this duo competed in the national final of Australia, but lost against Kate Miller Heidke, who sang her song “Zero Gravity” to a 1st place (of 17) in Semi-final 1, and eventually ended 9th (of 26) in the 2019 Grand Final.

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel (EBU)

Internal selection

Electric Fields was internally selected by SBS, Australia’s national broadcaster, to represent this country. The past couple of years Australia chooses its entrant internally.

About Electric Fields

Electric Fields is a duo consisting of singer Zaachariaha Fielding and musician Michael Ross, who plays the keyboard. The duo started out in 2015 with music that combines both pop, soul, and electro.

When will Australia compete in Eurovision 2024?

Australia will compete in the second half of the first Semi-final in Eurovision 2024; this show will be televised live on May 7th 2024.

Who competed for Australia in Eurovision 2023?

Australia was represented by Voyager with the song “Promise” in Eurovision 2023. The band ended in 1st place (of 16) in Semi-final 2, and eventually took 9th place (of 26) in the 2023 Grand Final.

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel (EBU)

How come Australia is in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Australia entering the contest was a one-time thing in 2015 when the contest celebrated its 60th birthday and because the contest is very popular in the land downunder, but that same year Australia ended 5th in the ranking in the Grand Final. The EBU decided on giving them a 5-year streak to compete in the contest. This meant that the last time they would compete would be in 2023, but in December of 2023 the EBU decided on letting Australia compete again in 2024.


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