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Iceland 2024: It is not sure yet whether we will see this country in the upcoming contest

A couple of months ago it was announced that this year’s national song contest of Iceland could be seen as a televised national music festival, because the country is leaving it up to the national broadcaster, RÚV, and the winning artist of this national final to decide on whether they will compete. The reason for this is the participation of Israel and the war in the Gaza region.

Iceland is still deciding whether they will participate or not

Iceland’s national broadcaster, RÚV, is still deciding whether they will participate in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö (Sweden). The decision needs to be made before March 11th 2024, which is the deadline for countries to give their final notice. This update was given by Rúnar Frey Gíslason, the Director of Söngvakeppin, the Icelandic national final.

Hera Björk, the winner of this year’s Icelandic national final, has said that if Iceland decides on participating, she would.

The Israel conflict

The reason for Iceland to might not want to participate is because of the war between Israel and Gaza. There is pressure for Iceland to not participate, because there was a petition among 550 Icelandic musicians forcing the broadcaster to withdraw.


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