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Artist Spotlight: Lisa Ajax (Sweden)

As Junior Eurovision 2019 comes into focus, we take a look back at on its 2012 hopefuls, Lisa Ajax who attempted to get the bid to represent Sweden but was still destined for great things.

Lisa performed in 2012 “Allt som jag har”, and although she did not succeed in the contest to represent Sweden that year, we still got to get a glimpse at the young pop starlet, at the age of 13. 

Just two years later, Lisa went on to win Swedish Idol and consequently released an EP entitled ‘Unbelievable’ which went to number one in the Swedish charts. Lisa was the youngest winner in the show’s history. She had notable moments on the show performing hits such as ‘Lady Marmalade’ and ‘I Have Nothing’. Her winners single was called ‘Unbelievable’ in which Lisa got to co-write:

What followed next for Lisa from the Eurovision perspective was a trio of Melfest entries, with the most recent ‘Torn’ landing her in the final. From an artistic perspective, we got to see the progression of a pop star from the young innocent tentative face in 2012 to the Idol winner to a diva in the making on the Melodifestivalen stage in Stockholm. The songs progressed as well. For most English speakers, the lyrics of ‘I Don’t Give A’ would come as a shock for prime time family television. Lisa has grown up fast.

Not to be missed though, are her ventures outside of the TV reality music panorama. Lisa has quietly added to her discography a Christmas single, and some dance collaborations that could very well foreshadow a long career of offering her vocals to famous DJs.  Check out the Tom Ferry track, ‘Off My Mind’ and you’ll barely believe there is a junior Eurovision star from this decade.

Lisa is signed to Universal Music in Sweden and spent this summer on tour there. We hope to see more from her in the future whether at Melfest or elsewhere!

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