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Albania 2024: It is Besa Kokëdhima for Albania!

The grand final of Festival i Këngës, the Albanian national final took place last night. Eventually it was Besa Kokëdhima with the song “Zemren n’dorë” (trans. “Heart in Hand”) who took the crown of the public vote and will represent Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö (Sweden).

Although Festival i Këngës every year ends up marking the Albanian representative of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, this Albanian music festival winner is not necessarily meant to become Eurovision representative, as the festival rules state that the winner of the public vote will represent Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest.

What was Festival i Këngës, the Albanian national final, like this year?

The Albanian national final, also known as “Festival i Këngës”,  had its 62th edition this year. The festival took place in the Pallati i Kongreseve in the capital of Albania, Tirana. The live shows were represented by the ever so lovely Adriana Matoshi, but also Kledi Kadiu, Krisa Çaushi en Xhuliano Dule. In the grand final of Festival i Këngës 22 songs competed, but the whole festival revolved around more than this number of songs, 31 in total. The winner of the show was chosen by both a professional jury vote; the Eurovision representative solely by public voting, both voters from Albania and Kosovo were able to be part of the public vote.

What were the eventual results of the grand final of the Albanian national final?

The results of the grand final of the Albanian national final can be found below. Here’s the running order of the final, with the professional jury top 3 and the chosen representative, decided by the public voters.

  1. Kastro Zizo – 2073
  2. Mal Retkoceri – Çmendur – 1st with the professional jury
  3. Erina & De Elementalen – Jetën n’skaj
  4. Melodajn Mancaku – Nuk jemi ne
  5. Tiri Gjoci – Në ëndërr – 2nd with the professional jury
  6. Kleansa Susaj – Pikturë
  7. Irma Lepori – Me prit
  8. Festina Mejzini – Melos
  9. Eldis Arnjeti – Një kujtim
  10. Martina Serreqi – Vetëm ty
  11. Besa Krasniqi – Esenciale
  12. Sergio Hajdini – Uragan
  13. Olimpia Smajlaj – Asaj
  14. Anduel Kovaci – Nan’
  15. Michela Paluca – Për veten
  16. PeterPan Quartet – Edhe nje here
  17. Besa Kokëdhima – Zemrën n’dorë – Winner public vote
  18. Arsi Bako – Zgjohu
  19. Elsa Lila – Mars
  20. Andi Tanko – Herë pas hier
  21. Shpat Deda – S’mund të fitoj pa ty – 3rd with the professional jury
  22. Big Basta & Vesa Luma – Mbinatyrale

When will Besa Kokëdhima perform her Eurovision entry in Malmö?

Besa Kokëdhima will perform her Eurovision entry either on May 7th or 9th 2024 in Malmö (Sweden). The allocation draw of where each country in the semi-finals is currently still unknown.

Who represented Albania in Eurovision 2023?

In Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool (UK) Albania was represented by Albina & Familja Kelmendi with the song “Duje”. In Semi-Final 2 Albina and her family ended up in 9th place (of 16), and in the Grand Final they eventually came in 22nd place (of 26).


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