Slovenia: Maja Keuc out of EMA 2017

Slovenian diva Maja Keuc, who achieved more than a respectable 13th place in Düsseldorf 2011, has decided to withdrawn from this year’s Slovenian national selection EMA after being announced last December as one of the participants by RTVSLO under her current stage name “Amaya”.

Mario Galunic, EMA’s chief editor, has already stated that a replacement will be found and announced in the following days. “Even after the Amaya’s withdrawal, EMA will have 16 performers,” he said. “We are in final discussions with artists and authors who will be invited to participate, which we also allow for in the rules of EMA 2017.”

The reasons behind this decision are no other than the singer and her team do not contemplate that an EMA participation should come this year or it is how she actually wants to address her music career nowadays. Thus, she seems to have unrevealed plans for the upcoming months. Anyway, the singer doesn’t discard getting to enter at any point in the future and she still wishes good luck to all the participants competing.

Keuc will release her debut album soon which will feature songs currently being made-up in Sweden and South Korea.

Stay tuned for more updates on this year’s EMA – the Slovenian national selection for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Source : RTVSLO

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Adrián Valiente (Spain)
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