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Zlata Dzyunka will be the ukranian representative at Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Zlata Dzyunka, with the song “Nezlamna” has won the national final outscoring the other 4 finalists.

Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC has broadcasted today the show which has selected the ukrainian representative and song for Junior Eurovision 2022. The show, called “ДИТЯЧЕ ЄВРОБАЧЕННЯ-2022” has already been stablished as the national final for the country, since this is the fifth year that it has been used.

The show has been hosted by Timur Miroshnychenko, already a well known face in Ukraine and all over Europe, having been one of the hosts of the senior show in 2017. He has also been the commentator for the ukrainian television for 17 editions in a row.

Zlata’s performance at the national final

A total of 55 songs were submitted for the competition. This might be considered a low number taking into account the 118 submissions for 2021, but of course the war impact must have been taken into account. The ukrainian broadcaster selected the 5 finalists which were presented in the show today. The songs had to be original and had to be at least in a 60% in ukrainian. The rest of the lyrics could be in any language other than russian, which was banned for completely understandable reasons due to the war. The song duration had to be between 2:30 and 3:00 of duration.

The 5 performers and entries that made into the televised show, with the result (Jury + televote) were:

  • Sofia Artemenko & DJ Polinka – “Zamovlyannya” (4+5) 9 points/2nd place
  • Zlata Dzyunka – “Nezlamna” (5+4) 9 points/WINNER
  • Elizaveta Petruk – “Pisnya pro Lelechat” (1+2) 3 points/5th place
  • Darya Rebrova – “Paporoti kvitka” (3+3) 6 points/3rd place
  • Diana Stasiuk – “We are the Future” (2+1) 3 points/4th place

As there was a tie at the end of the voting, the jury result took preference, making Zlata the winner of the show against Sofia Artemenko & DJ Polinka, who were the big fauvorites to win it before the show

Zlata, the winner of the show, is 13 years old and lives in Rava-Ruska. She has already taken part in many musical competitions around Europe

Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Ukraine debuted in the contest in 2006, and has been present at the contest ever since, with a more than respectable history at it. The country got its only win at the moment in 2012, when Anastasiya Petrik’s “Nebo” won the competition. They have alslo been 2nd twice in 2008 and 2013. Last year they got a respectable sixth place with Olena Usenko and her song “Vazhil”

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022

On Sunday 11 December the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will take place, the 20th edition of the children’s contest in which European artists between the ages of 9 and 14 will battle it out for the crystal microphone. The Karen Demirchyan Complex in Yerevan will be the main stage for the second time.

Armenian public broadcaster ARMTV will once again host the festival eleven years later, as it did in 2011, in the midst of a collective euphoria following Maléna Fox’s victory in Paris with “Qami Qami”

With the return of the UK, a total of 17 countries have already confirmed their participation in Junior Eurovision 2022, including Spain and hosts Armenia. However, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the children’s contest in 2022, the organisers are expecting a greater number of participants, in an attempt to ensure that this 20th edition will be remembered as one of the most spectacular in its history

Junior Eurovision

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