Ylva and Linda, the Eurovision twins composers (Exclusive Report)

Ylva and Linda Persson are Swedish identical sisters – Song writers, producers, singers and show artists from Stockholm. These twin sisters are doing everything to reach their dream: to have a song at the Eurovision Song Contest.

“Our passion for Eurovision goes back a long way, it started in 1983 with Carola winning with “Främling” in Sweden and since then we’ve always been true fans of this contest.

It has all the element we love, a mix of great new music, cultures and languages. It has been our source of inspiration to writing our own music for over 20 years. As young girls we used to stand in front of the TV and imitate the artists and languages, therefore it comes natural to us to work with and travel to different European countries.”  Ylva and Linda told ESC+Plus.

Every year, they look for the best voices to compete in several national selections around Europe. They have already taken part in many of them reaching finals and semi-finals: Moldova 2013Belarus 2014Malta 2014, Lithuania 2014 (song 1, song 2), Ukraine 2014. They usually perform as backing vocalists.

Ylva and Linda have just qualified for the Belarusian national final for Eurovision 2015 with two songs “Giving up your Love” by Tasha Odi and “Supernova” by Janet. They have also submitted songs to the Nordic countries, Lithuania, Malta, Cyprus… and they are planning to do so to at least four more countries before the deadlines. Their next goal is to reach the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, they have already started looking for singers and cooperation!

Some months ago, they released an album including all their Eurovision songs until the date sang by themselves:


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