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Who is Mustii? Get to know the Eurovision 2024 representative from Belgium

Belgian singer Mustii was internally selected by the Francophone broadcaster, making him the first confirmed representative for Eurovision 2024.

After recovering from the Eurovision aftermath following Loreen’s victory and already setting sights on Malmö, by late August 2023, we got to know the first participant of Eurovision 2024. Belgian singer Mustii had been internally selected by Belgium’s Francophone radio broadcaster, RTBF.

Following Belgium’s strong showing in Eurovision 2023 with “Because of You” by their representative Gustaph, placing it among the top ten songs of the last edition, it’s no wonder Belgium wants to aim higher. However, for the upcoming edition, they have set aside the preselection, Eurosong, which crowned their last representative, opting for internal selection like some participating countries.

At the end of August, we learned through Eurovision’s official social media accounts that Belgian singer Mustii would be taking over to represent his country in Malmö. He was the first name we knew for the next edition of the song contest.

Who is Mustii?

Thomas Mustin, known artistically as Mustti, is a singer and actor. He began studying theater in 2012 at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion. Later, he became part of the cast of a French series called À tort ou à raison.

He later ventured into the world of theater, performing in well-known plays such as Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, among others. Gradually, Mustii has established himself in the world of acting, earning awards for his professional career. (

In the musical realm, he debuted with his first single “Golden Age” in 2015. Currently, he has two studio albums: “21st Century Boy,” released in 2018, and “It’s Happening Now,” released in 2022. Undoubtedly, Mustii has made a name for himself following his musical successes with high-profile tours, becoming a highly recognized artist in his country. His ten years of experience in acting and music have made him a judge on the first two seasons of Drag Race Belgium.

Mustii’s music can be described as having a captivating voice that plays with both power and vulnerability. A voice that will not go unnoticed during the festival for all that it can achieve.

After learning that he would be representing Belgium at Eurovision 2024, he posted on his Instagram account that he maintains his pride and his desire to face everything as intensely as possible and with clear intentions, without fear of what may happen.

“Before the Party’s Over” the Belgian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

His song ‘Before the Party’s Over‘ was written entirely in English by Mustii, along with Pierre Dumoulin, responsible for entries like Blanche’s “City Lights” in 2017, and Ben Leclercq, among many others. The theme invites you to live fully and intensely, to experience life and step out of your comfort zone, to remove the mask, embrace yourself fully, listen to your feelings, and refuse to be chained and caged. It draws a metaphor between a long night of partying with its ups and downs and life.

Lyrics of «Before the Party’s Over»

All we chase is shining in the moonlight
Are we sure the kids are alright
Or just playing it cool?

Watch it fade
It’s gonna hurt from time to time
One more drink and I’ll be fine
You’re the living proof

Are you still playing the game
Or breaking the rules?
I can see all the pain
In the way that you move

Face to face
They told us it was paradise
But I’ll barely make it through the night
Do you think about it too?

Are you still playing the game
Or breaking the rules?
I can see all the pain
In the way that you move
In the way that you move

I got a soul on fire
I’m gonna make moves tonight
I got a soul on fire
I’m gonna raise roofs tonight

Before the party is over
Before the party is over
Before the party is over
Before the party is over

Belgium’s participation in Eurovision

Belgium paved the way as a co-founder of the festival. It debuted in the first edition of the contest, alongside six other states. Its two television broadcasters, the French broadcaster RTBF and the Flemish broadcaster VRT, take turns in selecting the participants.

In 1986, they achieved victory, which took place in the Norwegian city of Grieghallen. Sandra Kim and her “J’aime la vie” received 176 points from the professional jury of the 20 countries that participated that year.

In 2003, they came close to victory with the group Urban Trad, whose song “Sanomi” secured the second position, losing by only two points to Sertab Erener, who claimed victory.

Since the start of the semifinals in 2004, Belgium has managed to advance to the final on nine occasions. The country went through a rough patch between 2005 and 2009, being eliminated in the semifinals in five consecutive editions.

In the last edition, Gustaph managed to surpass Sandra’s record, obtaining a total of 182 points, 127 from the jury and 55 from the televote, placing him in the final result in seventh position.

The song that took them to Liverpool, “Because Of You,” speaks about the importance of loving ourselves as we are, always being grateful for the family we have, in which we feel most supported, being ourselves with those who are happy to see us as we are.

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