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Who are TuralTuranX? Meet the duo representing Azerbaijan at Eurovision 2023

On February 2, 2023, it was announced that Tural and Turan were among the five candidates of Azerbaijan’s internal selection to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. Finally, on March 9, they were selected as Azerbaijan’s representatives for the European competition under the name TuralTuranX, competing in the first semifinal on May 9 with their song “Tell Me More”.

Get to know TuralTuranX (Eurovision 2023 Azerbaijan)

Turan & Tural Bağmanov duo is formed by twin brothers born in Zaqatala in the year 2000.

From a young age, they showed a great interest in music. It was in primary school where they first saw a piano and were so fascinated that they started practicing secretly. However, their passion was not well received by their father, who wanted them to focus on their studies. Despite this, when he discovered that his sons were still playing in secret, he decided to support them and bought them a second-hand synthesizer. Thanks to this, the brothers started learning to play the guitar and compose music self-taught. Years later they started training as musicians and tried to enter the prestigious Sumgayit Music College.

Since then, the duo has worked to improve their technique and musical style. In 2018, they won a local music contest and since then they have performed at various events and festivals throughout the country. In 2022, the duo decided to submit a song to Azerbaijan’s song search process for Eurovision. They submitted their song 3-4 days before the end of the application period and did not expect to receive a response.

Finally, they were selected by Azerbaijan’s public broadcaster to represent the country in Eurovision 2023, and the duo was very excited to have been chosen to represent their country in the European competition.

“Tell Me More”: Azerbaijan’s Song for Eurovision 2023

“Tell Me More” is the song that TuralTuranX will represent Azerbaijan with at Eurovision 2023. The twin brothers have composed the song themselves and produced by Nihad Aliyev & Tunar Taghiyev. It is dedicated to love and the feelings towards another person.

“Tell Me More” Lyrics

Original lyrics

“Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system
Please record your message”

“Ah, I don’t know where you are
Or what you’re up to
I kinda miss you girl right now
You know, the old days and stuff?
I want you to be here, with me
Just call me back when you get this message okay?”

Tell me more about me, you, us
Tell me you love me, baby
More than I trust
And I just want to know
How do you feel about us
Right now?

I don’t know if I’m someone or someone is me
I’m running from the fate and I’m giving up my dream
I’m carrying all the pain
And the sorrow that’s in vain
All the games you think I play
Are my ways of staying sane

I shout it from the hills up high
I’ve nothing, only tears to cry
If I ever learn again to feel the way I did
I’ll die from the emotions that I kept down for years, baby

Tell me more about me, you, us
Tell me you love me, baby
More than I trust
And I just want to know
How do you feel about us
Right now?

I want to buy a land a thousand miles away
From the city that I’ve never even chosen
I think the reason why is all because of people
Who treat you like a fool and make you wonder for the reason
Now is the time I am passing by the streets
And the places that we used to go to
We thought we’d be back pretty soon but never did
And distance between you and me gets so damn more

Let me tell you one thing, baby
It may change your all thoughts about us
You won’t need to worry again, too
So, let me tell you if you’re ready
Hear me out, baby, let’s go crazy
I have something that you’re looking for
And that is love

Tell me more about me, you, us
Tell me you love me, baby
More than I trust
And I just want to know
How do you feel about us
Right now?

Azerbaiyán’s History at Eurovision

Azerbaijan debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 with Elnur and Samir and their song “Day After Day,” which placed a respectable 8th in the final held in Belgrade. Since then, Azerbaijan has participated in every edition of the contest, achieving it’s first and only winning to date.

It is worth noting that since 2009, the country’s public television has been in charge of hiring and selecting Scandinavian producers and investing a large amount of money in each candidacy to achieve victory. This has led to a golden age, with Azerbaijan reaching the Top 10 a total of seven times. However, we have seen in recent years that this strategy has failed, with Azerbaijan failing to qualify for the final in

In 2022, Ictamai brought Nadir Rüstəmli, known in the country for winning the Azerbaijani version of The Voice, to Turin. “Fade To Black” was the song with which Azerbaijan was represented on the Eurovision stage, finishing in 16th place with a total of 106 points.


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