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Who are LADANIVA? Get to know the Eurovision 2024 representative from Armenia

The duo based in France was internally selected by the Armenian public television and will represent the Caucasian country in Malmö.

We are getting closer and closer to the next Eurovision Song Contest, and the Armenian public television has internally selected its representatives for Eurovision 2024.

AMPTV chose its Eurovision representative internally for the third consecutive year. The duo chosen to represent the Caucasian country in Malmö will be Ladaniva, a duo that blends traditional Armenian music with other folk sounds and Western mainstream.

Who are Ladaniva?

Ladaniva is a duo composed of Armenian Jaklin Baghdasaryan and Frenchman Louis Thomas. They began their career in 2019, after meeting at the conservatory in the French city of Lille, where they were both studying. Regarding the name they chose to be known artistically, it is inspired by a car brand that both members’ parents had.

Inspired not only by Armenian folklore but also by traditional music from other regions as diverse as the Balkans, the African continent, or Latin America. Jaklin and Louis began uploading cover versions of songs through digital platforms, and success among the Armenian community was almost immediate. “Kef Chilini,” the duo’s debut single, currently has almost 30 million views on YouTube.

The Covid-19 pandemic had prevented Ladaniva from showcasing their music at concerts and festivals, so when the restrictions lifted, the duo was able to travel across Europe to participate in musical events such as Francofolies or Eurosonic. In 2022, they won the prestigious Music Moves Europe award in their category chosen by the public. 2023 was a great year for the duo, as after signing with the multinational PIAS, they managed to release their first studio album. With a repertoire of songs that began to include tracks in French, Ladaniva gained good traction with the singles extracted from this first work.

“Jako,” the Armenian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

“Jako,” written entirely in Armenian, is more than just Jaklin’s nickname. It’s a statement of principles, an anthem to individual freedom and the right to be who you truly are. The artist comments that since childhood she has always been told that girls should behave, be humble, dress normally, not talk too much, and not do crazy things.

With “Jako,” she criticizes the social norms that constrain women and pressure them to behave in a certain way, without fear of being judged. It’s a message to all the little ‘Jakos’ of the world to stay true to their real, wild selves, and to find their true calling. It’s an invitation to ‘rise up and dance,’ no matter what people say.

Lyrics of «Jako»


Ինձ ասում են.
Ժակո՛, քեզ խելոք պահի՛,
Շատ մի՛ խոսա,
Շատ սուս էլ մի՛ նստի,
Հագի՛, բացի՛, փակի՛,
Աղջկա պես քեզ պահի՛»:
Ես աղջիկ եմ ազատ,
Ես կպարեմ, դու էլ նայի՛:

Լա Լա Լա

Արի՛, արի՛, արի՛ դու ինձ միացի՛,
Մեկ ա, մեկ ա, մեկ ա՝ ով ինչ կասի,
Էլի, էլի, էլի ժամին չենք նայի,
Հելի՛, հելի՛, հելի՛ բոյիդ մատաղ,
Վե՛ր կաց, պարի՛:

Լա Լա Լա


They tell me:
“Jako, be humble!”
“Don’t talk too much!”
“Don’t stay too quiet!”
“Wear this, open this, close that,”
“Behave like a girl!’
But I am a free girl, so I will dance and you will watch!

La La La

Come, come, come and join me!
No matter what they say,
We will forget about the time again,
Come on, come on, come on my dear, get up and dance!

La La La

Armenia’s participation in Eurovision

Armenia debuted in 2006 with the song “Without Your Love,” performed by singer André. Their debut resulted in a very good outcome, finishing eighth out of 24 participants in the final. The following year, Armenia won the privilege to directly advance to the final and, consequently, did not have to compete in the dreaded semifinals, as they ranked among the top 10 songs from the previous festival. That year, they participated with Hayko, who defended the song “Anytime You Need,” which again placed eighth. Their best positions were achieved in the 2008 contest in Belgrade, where singer Sirusho and her song “Qele Qele” deservedly secured fourth place. The same position was achieved in 2014 with a song titled “Not Alone,” performed by singer Aram Mp3.

Conversely, Armenia achieved its worst results in 2011 with Emmy Bejanyan and the song “Boom Boom”; in 2018 with Sevak Khanagyan and the song “Qami”; and in 2019 with Srbuk and the song “Walking Out,” years in which the country failed to qualify for the grand final. Speaking of results in the final, their worst positions were obtained in 2013 with the band Dorians and their song “Lonely Planet,” finishing in eighteenth place; and in 2017 with singer Artsvik who defended the song “Fly with Me,” also placing eighteenth in the final. In 2023, they participated in the festival with Brunette and her song “Future Lover,” which earned them a consecutive second pass to the final where they reached fourteenth position with 122 points.


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