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We have the heroe of our times: France wins Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Nice

These are the results of the 21st edition of Junior Eurovision 2023, held at the Palais Nikaia, Nice, France.

A new star joins the magical list of Junior Eurovision winners! Zoé Clauzure is the 21st person to make history in the most extraordinary children’s music event on the planet. Representing France with the song «Cœur», Zoé has conquered the stage at the Palais Nikaia, Nice, France, with a magical voice as superpower of this amazing hero of the day!

France obtained a total of 228 points from the public and the jury to become the owner of the mini crystal microphone trophy of this Junior Eurovision 2023. Spain came close with 201 points, securing second place, and Armenia secured the third position with 180 points. It was a tense and very nerve wrecking final when the televote points came through, but finally France secured to take the lead and win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest! CONGRATULATIONS!

And so, we close another chapter of the book that will be a very long story of Junior Eurovision, which, for this 21st anniversary, we have been delighted to tell you all about it from French home ground in Nice. We will continue writing the the next chapter of Junior Eurovision which starts its 22nd chapter next year 2024, which will begin to take shape from today.


The voting system that determined the winner was once again 50% jury and 50% online public voting. After the spokespersons revealed all the scores from the professional juries, a total of 928 points, the hosts announced the total score obtained by each country in the public vote, which, to be fair, also added another 918 points among all the countries, starting from the country that was at the bottom of the table at that moment, based on the jury vote, up to the first. Tension was felt in the air until we knew the 21st winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

The jury gave their ratings yesterday after watching the general rehearsal, while the public could cast their votes four times on the free online platform, once everyday since Friday and once during today’s gala, choosing their top three favorites. Only one attempt per IP address was validated, discarding multiple attempts by some people trying to vote several times or using VPN to unsuccessfully mask their location.

Here are the results of tonight’s magnificent show that France put together after hosting it two years ago in Paris:

Congratulations Zoé Clauzure from France, you are the hero of today, and we can’t wait to start planning our trip to France again for next Autumn 2024!

Here’s the emotional winners reprise performance that got us smiling and celebrating right after the results were announced:


Here’s the winner’s press conference that followed up right after the winner was announced:

You can also check our interview with the winner of Junior Eurovision 2023 below:


Today’s show was a unique and unforgettable one, but will France host next year in home ground? We still need to find out as they have not confirmed yet, but we are very thrilled to fly next year to France again, as we are sure the French broadcaster France Télévisions will do an amazing work hosting Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2024!

We are completely sure that you did not miss this unique and exclusive celebration of the 21st edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023, but we also know that you will want to watch it again and again in the coming days to remember all those unique moments it allowed us to experience. Therefore, we leave you here the complete festival, from the official channel of the contest, so that you can relive each of the moments that impressed us this afternoon:

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