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We bring you the highlights of the second rehearsal day of Eurovision Junior 2023

The delegations of Ireland, Albania, Poland, France, Spain, and Italy have had the opportunity to step onto the stage in Nice for their first rehearsals.

The exciting week of Eurovision Junior 2023 continues, and the Grand Final will take place on Sunday, November 26, starting at 16:00 CET.

After a first day of rehearsals where 10 delegations had their initial run-throughs, analyzing the adaptation of their performances to the Palais Nikaïa stage in person, today was the turn for the remaining participants.

Each country has two individual rehearsals, as is customary every year, during which they can take multiple shots of their contest entry. They have 40 minutes to perform several run-throughs, aiming to refine the details of their stage presentations. Being their first time performing in the competition venue, the artistic and scenic teams of each delegation have used the time to bring their ideas to life in the space, building upon the stand-in rehearsals provided by the organization.

Like yesterday, rehearsals are conducted behind closed doors, and the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) is responsible for distributing each delegation’s visual material.

Which countries rehearsed on the second day (22/11/2023)?

Once again, the press will not have access to the individual rehearsals of Eurovision Junior 2023. Therefore, during these initial closed-door rehearsals for the press, the EBU publishes visual material about each participating country.

The delegations of Ireland, Albania, Poland, France, Spain, and Italy were the ones to carry out their individual rehearsals on the grand stage of the competition.

Here is the rehearsal schedule for Wednesday, November 22, 2023: Enjoy a recap of the highlights from the individual rehearsals of the remaining 6 countries in Eurovision Junior 2023 with all the images below:


Jessika McKean took to the stage for the first time to perform her song “Aisling” at the Palais Nikaïa in Nice.

The Irish performance features a magical set where Jessika is joined on stage by Sophie Lennon, the country’s flagbearer in Yerevan 2022.

Cool colors alternate with moments of exposed lights and warm illumination, especially in red. Once again, Ireland opts for the beautiful and bucolic landscapes of the country for the on-screen visuals.

As for their costumes, Jessica wears an impressive red outfit with elements in blue. Sophie, on the other hand, wears white.


Viola Gjyzeli with “Bota Ime” has already had her first individual rehearsal at the Palais Nikaïa in Nice.

The Albanian performance focuses on simplicity in its stage presentation, using backgrounds of nighttime forest landscapes. Dim lighting in blue and cool tones is included.

Viola wears a white dress with a fabric that simulates wings, which she unfolds during her performance, emulating the country’s flag.


Maja Krzyżewska with “I Just Need A Friend” was the next young artist to rehearse at the Palais Nikaïa in Nice.

Poland presents a simple but impactful stage setup, with the stage flooded in wide shades of pink, violet, and blue. At certain moments, the song’s title appears on the screen. However, most of the time, pictures of boys and girls celebrating friendship are included.

Maja opts for a pink costume and is accompanied by 4 dancers with whom she interacts throughout much of the performance.


Zoé Clauzure with “Cœur” has already had her first individual rehearsal on the stage of Eurovision Junior 2023.

Zoé will perform accompanied by a pink piano, with this color being predominant in both the stage setup and her costume, adorned with crystals and mirrors that reflect the stage lighting.

The stage begins almost in darkness with the young artist sitting at the piano. 4 dancers accompany the artist, who ends up singing on the piano in a true display of light and pink colors.


The Spanish representative in Eurovision Junior 2023, Sandra Valero, has confidently stepped onto the stage of the Palais Nikaia, ready to offer her joyful and fresh show on Sunday, November 26, where she will have the honor of performing in the first position.

Sandra Valero with “LOVIU” has been accompanied by her dancers Marcos, Juan Diego, Evelyn, and Elia. All of them aim to enchant viewers worldwide with a friendly, bright, and colorful stage presentation. The stage of Eurovision Junior 2023 is filled with color and joy. The on-screen visuals are very attractive, bright, and colorful, featuring fireworks and prominent monuments from various countries.

Suitcases are the main theme of the Spanish stage setup, from which Sandra sings for much of the song.

Sandra and her dancers opt for costumes clearly inspired by aviator suits, in brown tones. The young artist dances and interacts with her 4 dancers with a dynamic choreography in line with the theme.


Melissa & Ranya with “Un Mondo Giusto” have been the last artists of Eurovision Junior 2023 to take the stage.

Italy presents various elements in the space to give meaning to the stage setup, such as a piano and a bed. Visuals without major effects in soft tones are chosen.

The artists opt for different costumes, each in their style.

Here’s the recap of all the first rehearsals after they first stepped into the Palais Nikaia stage.

Who was your favourite?

The Eurovision Junior Festival 2023 will take place on Sunday, November 26, under the theme “Heroes,” promising many innovations.

The Eurovision Junior Festival 2023 will take place on Sunday, November 26, under the theme “Heroes,” promising many innovations. France is gearing up to host the 21st edition of the children’s contest in the coastal city of Nice. On this occasion, the Palais Nikaïa has been chosen as the venue. Young artists from all over Europe will shine in a festival that returns to the month of November after two editions held during the Christmas festivities.

The main novelty of this edition is the incorporation of the iconic Eurovision heart into the event’s logo, just like in the Eurovision Song Contest. Since the introduction of the generic logo, this is the first time in the history of the children’s contest that the flag of the host country is included. Thus, in Nice 2023, the French flag waves within the heart, which is already a recognized icon worldwide. The slogan and official theme art of the 21st edition consist of colorful and powerful elements. French television, with the extensive experience from Paris 2021, will spare no effort or resources to deliver an event worthy of the format. All of this is aimed at making this 21st edition a “unique and unrepeatable” festival. Once again, France Télévisions aims to organize Eurovision Junior at the highest level.

France will once again host the contest, with the celebration centered around music, friendship, and diversity, where the young talents of Europe will be the protagonists.

With two victories in its record, France will organize the 21st edition of a children’s festival that, year after year, solidifies its place among the young audience and gains increasing potential and popularity to showcase new talents in the world of music.

In 2022, in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, the Karen Demirchyan Complex hosted the contest for the second time in its history, as it did in 2011. There, France emerged victorious with the young singer Lissandro and his song “Oh Maman!” With his charisma and abundant energy, he managed to seize the coveted crystal microphone, thanks to the 203 points obtained from national juries and online voting by viewers.

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