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Viola Gjyzeli will represent Albania at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Viola has been selected as representative by winning the 7th edition of the Junior Fest with the song "Bota ime"

The winning song, which will be defended by Viola Gjyzeli , was composed by Enis Mullaj and is called “Bota ime”(My world). The musical composition of the song was done by Eriona Rushiti. Viola Gjyzeli also won one of the honorary prizes (TUMO Center’s Prize) and Nikol Çabeli’ s rendition of “Vetëm unë” won the Radio Tirana 2 Critics’ Prize. The song was selected by a popular jury present at the gala. Among its members were Ronela (Albania 2022) and Kejtlin Gjata, who represented Albania in the last edition of Junior Eurovision.

The Junior Fest 2023 has been broadcasted this afternoon on RTSH prime time, where we got to know how the song “Bota ime” sounds as well as the remaining 14 songs participating in the children’s contest (due to the last minute withdrawal of Biorni Maxhallaku & Keira Baku and their “Violin apo kanarin“). You can watch the performance of the selected song below:

Among the different performances, up to 6 guest artists have intervened during the show, along with 3 emerging groups from the TUMO Centre. These were the songs performed during the intervals:

  • Arsi Bako(Festivali i Këngës 61 and Kenga Magjike 2022)
  • Luna Çausholli – “Under the scars
  • Melodajn Mancaku – “Gjysma e zemrës sime
  • Niki Zaimi(Kenga Magjike 2022)
  • Sardi Strugaj(Festivali i Këngës 59 and Kenga Magjike 2022)
  • Erma Mici – “Kosmosi i dashurise”
  • TUMO Centre – Black Sabbath cover “Paranoid“, among others.

Below you can find the 15 songs, with their respective artists, authors and lyricists, who competed in this year’s Junior Fest in order to represent Albania at Junior Eurovision 2023 next November in Nice (France):

Ajshel ZykollariPas endrrës time ejaMiron Kotani, Mimoza Bici Dhima
Amra MadaniRock StarReinald Foçí
Anja CanajE dua erënKristi Bello, Mimoza Bici Dhima
Ea ZogaLule n’zemer tuajFlorent Boshnjaku, Ramadan Ceka
Elisa SkarraNjë përqafimEriona Rushiti, Enis Mullaj
Era HasanajBisedë me një yllAlfred Kaçinari, Ana Kaçinari
Fiona ResuliLondroj me yjetKlodian Rexhepaj, Fran Ukcamaj
Françeska KasaPerfekte jamAna Kodra, Bam Bam Galaxy
Irsa HaxhillariMelodinë e sajMelodajn Mancaku
Kejt HitajEjaEriona Rushiti, Enis Mulla
Marianxhela RodakajAfrikaEnis Mullaj, Eriona Rushiti
Nikol CabeliVetëm unëMelodajn Mancaku, Wendi Mancaku
Rei BardhollariUntil tomorrowAdrian Hila
Tea MetohuSmileDorian Metohu
Viola GjyzeliBota imeEnis Mullaj, Eriona Rushiti


Albania will participate for the ninth time in Junior Eurovision next November, The country reached its best position in 2015, when Mishela Rapo came fifth with her song ‘Dambaje‘. In the other participations they have achieved two 12th places, two 13th places, one 14th place and two 17th places in the rankings.

Last year, the country was represented by Kejtlin Gjata and his melancholic and endearing “Pakëz Diell“, which won over the jury of the national Junior Fest pre-selection with a 12th place and 94 points in the final ranking. Will the country manage to improve on this year’s result?


The magic of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest returns to screens across Europe for its 21st edition to unite an entire continent through music, culture, friendship and excitement. 16 young talents will take to the stage to win the coveted crystal microphone, the award for winning the Eurovision Song Contest, which was created in 2003.

EBU / France TV

This year’s venue is Nice, which under the banner of “Heroes” is hosting a Eurovision event for the first time at the imposing Palais Nikaia event venue following the victory of the young and charismatic Lissandro in Armenia last December. This is the second time that France will host the music event, having done so in 2021, just two years ago. The date chosen for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is Sunday 26th November, which means that the contest will no longer be held in December after two consecutive editions during the Christmas holidays. Who will win the crystal microphone and join the prestigious family of Junior Eurovision winners?

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