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United Kingdom: Mae Muller is taking an indefinite break from singing

Last year’s UK representative Mae Muller has stated in an interview on January 11th 2024 that is taking an indefinite break from singing. Her reason to do so is that she is done with the “pressure of chasing chart hits”.

Eurovision 2023

In Eurovision 2023 all eyes were on 26-year old Mae Muller and her song “I Wrote a Song”. In the Eurovision Song Contest of 2022 Sam Ryder did very well, ending 2nd (of 26) in the Grand Final, ending a streak of very bad results of the UK. Mae was well on her way to do exactly the same as Sam Ryder, but somehow cracked under the pressure of Eurovision, and did bad in the 2023 Eurovision Grand Final, ending in penultimate position (25th of 26).

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel

Debut album

Three months after Eurovision Mae Muller put out an album with the title, “Sorry, I’m Late”, and this album did not do well either, reaching only 33 in the album charts of the United Kingdom. Next to that, the album did not mean a breakthrough for Mae outside of the UK.

Big changes

With the new year Mae Muller must have thought: “New year, new me”, so she decided on having some changes in her life. On X, the new Twitter, Mae posted a lengthy message telling her followers that she is stepping away from the mic in order to come back fully re-enrgized.

“Time is going so fast it’s insane but in the past few years I have done some incredible things and I am so proud of my achievements, and while I’ve been taking a break for the last couple weeks I have been reflecting on where I am and who I want to be as an artist.

Despite my achievements, at times I’ve felt like I lost sight of what I was doing this for and why I started music in the first place. the pressure of chasing hits for so long (which many signed artists can relate to) wore me out, which caused me to make decisions which didn’t sit well in my gut personally or creatively.

Music went from being my passion to becoming a job churning out songs to try and impress [executives] or get a playlist spot for radio, which is not why I started doing this. I started it because I love it and I want to get back to that.”

– Mae Muller in a post on X (former Twitter)

In the future

What Mae Muller is going to do is unclear for now, but we are sure that she will come up with a plan. When we know more we will keep you posted.

Source: Photo Harry Carr / Capitol Records UK / EMI

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