Turin 2022: What we know about the participants up to now!

National finals and all sorts of announcements are hard to keep up with these days, because the updates go quick. So, on the road to the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, we give you ever so often an update about who you are going to see perform on stage in Italy. We only mention the countries we officially know the contestant(s) and the song of.

As of February 20th 2022 we know officially about 18 out of 41 contestants and their songs. So, still 23 artists and song announcements to go. Read about the artists and songs we do know about below.


Ronela Hajati – Sekret

Ronela won the Albanian music festival, Festivali i Këngës, and subsequently she is also the artist who will fly the Albanian flag in Turin. With her powerful, Beyoncé’s “Who Run the World (Girls)” type of song, she is sure to wow the crowd during her performance in the upcoming contest in Italy.


Intelligent Music Project – Intention

This Bulgarian rock band will take the stage in Turin during the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Their (pop) rock song will get the party started, and will appeal also to non-rock lovers. They might even be able to give their Moldovan competitors, Zdob si Zdub, a run for their money.


Mia Dimšić sings about the guy who is her “Guilty Pleasure”, although he might be the right person for her. The song reminds us of the music vibes of Olivia Rodrigo, and we like it. If the performance remains the same for the song contest 2022 we just might see this song back in the Grand final.

Czech Republic

Domi – Lights Off

This song and group from Czech Republic have a real bop in their hands. “Lights off” could be a song that is playing on most radio stations right now, and could light up Europe during the contest of 2022. Czech Republic sure has listened to what is current, and came up with their own interpretation.


Estonian Stefan’s song reminds us of the wild west, and a little bit of the “Little House on the Prairie”. This western country song is sure to leave an impact as Stefan’s voice is powerful and the music mystical. Gritty and recognizable, this song is sure going to make a splash during the contest.


Brooke – That’s Rich

Fun, cunning, and empowering”, those are the words which suit this Irish entry of the 2022 contest best. Brooke sings about a relationship, or maybe even a friendship, that is ending in rage. This song is a real bop, but when Brooke sings “I’m getting sick of ya”, we want to stay around for more.


Michael Ben-David – I.M

Israel sends a song about being yourself and not being pushed around by others. In the national final of Israel, which was also the final of the talent search platform X-Factor, Michael Ben-David showed entertainment value and a very powerful voice. Pretty cool. We are here for it!


Blanco and Mahmood – Brividi

Of course, this year Italy is the host country of the contest, so during the Sanremo Festival 2022 they searched for the best of the best, and this resulted in Blanco and Mahmood with the (pop-)ballad “Brividi”. It is Mahmood’s second time at the rodeo; in 2019 he came in second.


The group Citi Zeni sings about being vegan, eating healthy, and caring about the environment; all topics that are very current. This song is quirky, strange, but very likeable, and who knows maybe we will sing along to it in our cars and at home during the Summer of 2022.


Lithuania sends singer Monika Liu to the contest of 2022 with a sentimental ‘70’s-80’s disco song with matching performance. The song is laid-back, but does have a great message of lost love. Let’s hope Monika brings her disco feel to Italy, and who know, maybe we will see her in the Grand Final.


Malta sends a song which seems as very current music; we can hear this song on the radio right now, because it has Alicia Carra, Olivia Rodrigo, and an Ariana Grande feel to it. Singer Emma Muscat sings most of her song behind her piano, which always kind of has a calming effect.


Zdob şi Zdub & Fraţii Advahov Trenulețul

It is the third time that the Moldovan folklore rock band Zdob şi Zdub will participate in the contest. They did so before in 2005 and 2011. This time around the band is accompanied by Fraţii Advahov to present their song “Trenulețul” on stage. Get ready for some folklore power rock!

North Macedonia

Andrea – Circles

North Macedonia sends an angelic modern power ballad, with R&B influences, this year; sung by the artist Andrea. This artist has lived in the US, and you can hear that in her song “Circles”, because it could be on the radio right now. Pretty slick and cool.


Norway sends Subwoolfer, two people dressed up as futuristic wolfs (?) with the song “Give That Wolf a Banana”. This song has a dance vibe to it, but also reminds us of the song “What Does the Fox Say” of one-hit-wonder Ylvis. A catchy song with an unusual performance from Norway.


Polish singer Ochman sings the song “River” during the contest of 2022. This song gives us a mix of Lana del Rey and Duncan Laurence chills. The high voice parts and the modern vintage vibes of this song tell a great lyrical story.

San Marino

San Marino chose multiple Italian Sanremo Festival contender, Achille Lauro, to represent their microstate after an impressive national final. Mostly Måneskin feelings with this song as Achille will perform the song “Stripper” in Turin this year for San Marino.


Slovenia sends a song with disco vibes, brought by the band LPS, to the Eurovision Song Contest 2022; the song is called “Disko” by the way. This tune is very laid-back, but does exuberate that real disco feel. The singer of this song is very laid-back as well and knows how to bring the song across.


Chanel – SloMo

Spain’s entry of this year is a mix of Camilla Cabello, Selena Gomez, and Jennifer Lopez. This spicy song is about seeing someone cute and moving in “SloMo” (slow-motion) towards them. Chanel is most definitely going to spice things up during the Grand Final of the contest upcoming May.

What about you?

What is your favorite artist when it comes down to the 18 above? We would like to know your opinion. Let us know in the comments below!


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