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Turin 2022: Three acts during the interval of the first Semi-final

During the interval act of the first Semi-final, on May 10th 2022, three acts will take the stage: Benny Benassi, Sophie & the Giants, and Dardust. Together they will perform an interval act that is named “The dance of Beauty”, celebrating Italian house music

Who is Dardust? 

Dardust is known as an Italian record producer, but he is also a songwriter. Dardust has worked together with grand names in Italian music, like Marco Mengoni. Next to this, he is the composer of the 2019 Italian entry “Soldi”, which was sung by Mahmood.

Who is Benny Benassi? 

Benny Benassi rose to fame with his 2002 hit “Satisfaction”, which also became known for its provocative music video. Benny Benassi is a DJ as well as a record producer. He is seen as one of the cofounders of what is considered electro house music

Who is the band Sophie & the Giants? 

Sophie & the Giants is an upcoming band that rose to fame because of a collaboration with Dardust and Benny Benassi. All three of them will be represented in the “Dance of Beauty” interval act. 

Also announced as a Semi 1 interval act… 

Earlier it also became known that Italian 2020 representative Diodato will perform his Eurovision entry “Fai Rumore”. The contest of 2020 was cancelled due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, so Diodato never got to perform his song on the Eurovision stage; instead the song became a song of hope in the months of lockdown Italy was in during the pandemic. 

Eurovision 2022 

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will be held on May 10th, 12th, and 14th 2022 in Turin Italy. Since Italy won the 2021, and because the country is part of the Big 5, the country immediately qualified for the Grand Final on May 14th 2022.

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