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Turin 2022: Italian broadcaster RAI will broadcast the 2022 contest in 4K for the first time

Italian National Broadcaster RAI will broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in 4K for the first time ever. The 4K broadcast will happen on the channel RAI4K. Apart from the 4K resolution of the images there will be no changes between the regular broadcast and the 4K one. 

How are they going to film the contest? 

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 entails two mobile television productions, one from the Netherlands and one from Sweden. The production facilities from these two parties are already stationed at the Pala Olimpico venue in Turin since mid-March. The same thing happened last year in Rotterdam. Both productions will make the 4K resolution broadcast happen.

What is 4K? 

4K is the standard for many productions these days. It can be defined as “ultra-high definition television”, but the use of 4K on TV remains limited. 

Eurovision Song Contest 2022 

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will take place on May 10th, 12th, and 14th 2022, and will be held in Turin, Italy


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