Tonight: San Marino to choose their one and only act for Lisbon!

11 in 360…1 in 360… we will only get one single act for Lisbon, who will get that chance?

The Grand Final of the first ever national selection for San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest will take place tonight from JoJ TV studios in Bratislava, Slovakia. 11 acts with songs assigned by the expert panel during the semifinals, that they had previously worked on, will compete to achieve the first place and fly the country’s flag in May following in Valentina and Jimmie’s “Spirit of the Night”.

Take a look at tonight’s full line-up below:

As you might have realised several changes have been made to the final versions of each of the competing tracks tonight, as they were first presented as acoustic tracks during the two presentation shows. The most referable one is Irol’s withdrawal from Jessika’s “Who We Are” whose featuring spot was eventually taken by Jenifer Brening.

Fans polls and predictions have talked the winner could be among Sara, Jenifer, Jessika or Emma. Will they get it right?

How will the final work?

The organisers of 1 in 360 have recently changed some of the rules for the final after fans’ feedback and requests on the voting system:

  • As you may know, Zoë, member of the jury panel, who selected each singer’s final song, is also one of the composers of most of the competing songs. So, the organisers of the Sammarinese national selection have decided that she will no longer have a vote in the jury decision. The jury will be constituted by a panel of music industry experts appointed by 1in360, which will include Alessandro Capicchioni, San Marino’s Head of Delegation.
  • The public vote will be given the same weight as the jury vote (only in case of a tie the jury prevails). 
  • There will only be one “pay” vote. Moreover, Global Rockstar has lowered the investment threshold to EUR 2, which is in line with normal online voting. 
  • Thus, the winner will be selected by a combination of the votes from a professional panel and the audience via investments.

You can tune into San Marino’s 1 in 360 final on our multi-window streaming platform from 21:00 (CET) onwards.

San Marino was allocated to perform at the second semifinal of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest on May 10th.

1in360 - Final

Sara de Blue - Out of the Twilight412
Jenifer Brening - Until the Morning Light330
Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening - Who We Are315
Emma Sandström - Diamonds270
Franklin Calleja - Stay236
Basti - Stay217
Camilla North - Yo no soy tu chica190
Giovanni Montalbano - Per quello che mi dai183
Judah Gavra - Stay182
Tinashe Makura- Free Yourself164
IROL feat. Basti - Sorry163

Number of voters: 40
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