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Today: Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 live from Minsk

It’s finally here! Today the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will take place at the Minsk Arena in the Belarusian capital. A record number of 20 countries will compete for the big prize, the crystal microphone and the chance to see the contest happen in their country in 2019.

The running order for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will be as follows:

  1. Darina Krasnovetska – Say Love (Ukraine)
  2. Rita Laranjeira – Gosto de Tudo (Já Não Gosto de Nada) (Portugal)
  3. Daneliya Tuleshova – Òzińe Sen (Kazakhstan)
  4. Efi Gjika – Barbie (Albania)
  5. Anna Filipchuk – Unbreakable (Russia)
  6. Max & Anne – Samen (The Netherlands)
  7. Fidan Huseynova – I Wanna Be Like You (Azerbaijan)
  8. Daniel Yastremsky – Time (Belarus)
  9. Taylor Hynes – IOU (Ireland)
  10. Bojana Radovanovic – Svet (Serbia)
  11. Melissa & Marco – What Is Love (Italy)
  12. Jael – Champions (Australia)
  13. Tamar Edilashvili – Your Voice (Georgia)
  14. Noam Dadon – Children Like These (Israel)
  15. Angélina – Jamais Sans Tois (France)
  16. Marija Spasovska – Doma (FYR Macedonia)
  17. L.E.V.O.N – L.E.V.O.N (Armenia)
  18. Manw – Perta (Wales)
  19. Ela – Marchin’On (Malta)
  20. Roksana Węgiel – Anyone I Want To Be (Poland)


How The Winner Will Be Chosen:

A combination of a two-round online audience vote will decide 50% of the outcome, while the other half will be determined by a professional jury panel in each country, made up of adults and kids. You can find more information about the online voting below:

  • Stage I (Open now): This phase has been open since last Friday at 20:00 CET and it will close today when the show starts, at 15:59 CET. Once inside the website, voters are required to watch a recap of the songs taking part before entering the voting platform. After watching the recap, they also have the option to watch one-minute clips of each participant’s rehearsal. People can vote for a minimum of three countries and a maximum of five, including their own country.
  • Stage II: After the last performance of the live show, the online voting will be open again for 15-20 min. Last year, the voting website crashed during this stage, so some people couldn’t cast their votes after watching the full final performances. Hopefully, it won’t happen again!

The amount of points the audience can award is based on the number of points given by national juries. This year, the juries will award a total of 1.160 Points (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 Points x 20 participating countries). The audience points are determined by the percentage of votes received. For example, if a song receives 20% of the votes, then it receives 20% of the available points (20% from 1.160 points = 232 points)., explained the EBU.



Interval Act and Guest Artists:

This year’s Junior Eurovision will be opened by a performance of the younger hosts of the show Zena and Helena Meraai, who represented Belarus in 2017, along with young dancers and a spectacle based in the motto Light Up. Then, all 20 contestants will go on stage for the flag parade where they will be introduced to the public.

At the interval act, the last year’s winner Polina Bogusevich will perform her Junior Eurovision 2017 song ‘Wings’. Also, the participants of 2018 will go on stage to sing the theme song ‘Light Up’.

You can watch the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 live from 16:00 CET on the player below:

Who do you want to win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018? Vote in our poll

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018

France : Angélina - Jamais sans tois3942
Kazakhstan: Daneliya Tuleshova - Òzińe Sen3336
Ukraine: Darina Krasnovetska - Say love3280
Poland: Roksana Wegiel - Anyone I want to be2297
FYR Macedonia: Marija Spasovska - Doma2026
Australia: Jael Wena - Champions1843
Armenia: L.E.V.O.N - L.E.V.O.N1698
Georgia: Tamar Edilashvili - Your voice1627
Albania: Efi Gjika - Barbie1614
The Netherlands: Max & Anne - Samen1566
Wales: Manw - Berta1334
Russia: Anna Filipchuk - Unbreakable1173
Israel: Noam Dadon - Children like these1005
Ireland: Taylor Hynes – I.O.U1002
Italy: Melissa & Marco - What is love958
Belarus: Daniel Yastremsky - Time924
Malta: Ela Mangion - Marchin´On849
Portugal: Rita Laranjeira - Gosto de tudo771
Azerbaijan: Fidan Hüseynova - I wanna be like you495
Serbia: Bojana Radovanovic - Svet450

Number of voters: 430
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