The slogan and theme art for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 unveiled

During today, a series of posters were unveiled all around this year’s Eurovision Song Contest’s host city of Turin, depicting what looked like the theme art and slogan for the contest. After hours of speculation, the European Broadcasting Union has just made it official on its social media profiles as well as through

The slogan reads: “The Sound of Beauty” and seems to be strongly linked to the sponsorship provided by Chilean-American beauty brand Moroccanoil.

The organization of the 2022 contest has unexpectedly announced this way what it describes as “one of the most highly anticipated aspects of any Eurovision Song Contest”, highlighting how it is tied with the host city and the show that it wants to put forward in May.

Further information on how the theme art was designed and how it aligns with Turin, the Italian culture and the merchandise avaliable will be revealed next Monday 24.

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