Moldova: “O Melodie Pentru Europa” songs available

The Moldavian pre-selection of this year will be constituted by three shows: 2 semi-finals and a great final.

The first semi-final, which will be held on Tuesday the 12th of March, will be formed by 11 acts:

01.- Diana Staver – Underestimated
02.- Vitalie Maciunschi – I want you back
03.- Cristina V & Glam Girls – Celebrate
04.- Doinita Gherman – Planeta e un rai
05.- Stela Botan – Inima mea
06.- Vitalie Negruta – You’ll be mine
07.- Aliona Moon – A million
08.- Ruslan Taranu – Amadeus
09.- Boris Covali – Runaways
10.- Felicia Dunaf – Codename Felice
11.- Svetlana Bogdanova – Conquer my heart

Carry on, the second semi-final, which will be held on Thursday the 14th of March, will be formed by 12 acts:

01.- Tatiana Heghea – A brighter day
02.- Aurel Chirtoaca – Iarta-ma
03.- Inaya – I need you now
04.- Ana Gulko – Somebody else
05.- Valeria Pasa – Show me your feelings
06.- NiCo – Freaky thong
07.- Irina Tarasiuk – Dancing hearts
08.- FireLove – Just smile
09.- Irina Kitoroaga – L.o.v.e. Love
10.- Cristina Scarlat – I pray
11.- Alexandru Sendrea – In my head
12.- Cristina Croitoru & Karizma – Never fall again

The great final of “O melodie pentru Europa” will be broadcasted on Saturday the 16th of March.

Here you can listen to the 23 songs.


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