The Netherlands: Dutch entry will “probably” be presented on the 3rd of March 2022

Dutch entertainment and celebrity program “Shownieuws” has announced that on Thursday March 3rd 2022 the Dutch Eurovision entry of this year will be presented. On that day the song of Dutch singer “S10” will be presented to the world.

No confirmation

The announcement of Shownieuws, which is broadcasted on the Dutch commercial network SBS6, is not confirmed by the Dutch National Broadcaster AVROTROS. March 3rd might not be the strangest choice, since it became a tradition of the Dutch to announce their Eurovision entry in the first week of March.


The name of the entry

What the actual name is of S10’s entry is still unknown, and is being kept in great secret. It is also not known in which show the song will be presented. Usually the presentation of Dutch Eurovision entries is in the show “Matthijs Draait Door” which is broadcasted weekly, but on Saturday evening on the Dutch National Broadcaster NPO1. So, there is still some mystery there, but at ESCplus we will keep you posted on all things S10!

Who is S10?

At the moment S10 is working “in top secret” on her act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The name S10 was first mentioned in December of 2021. This Dutch artist is known for her alternative pop songs, but also Dutch rap. Last year S10 had a hit in the Netherlands with the song “Adem je in” (trans. “Breathe you in”), in which she sang and rapped. S10 is known for an uncanny stage presence, which also includes on-stage costumes changes, electro beats, but most of all, S10’s songs are always in the Dutch language. It will be the first time in 11 years that the Dutch will be presented with a song in their own language.

Possible entry

Some sources say that S10’s song will be “Dans mij naar huis” (trans. “Dance Me Back Home”). S10 sang the song a couple of times during the limited concerts she has done last year, and the duration of the song has the 3 minute limit needed to compete in the contest.

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